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Updated: May 19, 2020

For those of us who have the privilege of living in a legalized state, we are living in the golden age of cannabis. Some might tell you that things were better “back in the day” but nostalgia is hardly enough of an argument when you consider how prevalent and accepted weed is these days. Not to mention, we’re undoubtedly spoiled for choice. With all the noise in the market, we definitely take notice when something we haven’t seen before is noteworthy and exceptional enough to almost become a classic overnight. But that just so happens to be the case with Duct Tape, and Gold Leaf supplies some of the best on the i502 market.

Duct Tape gives away its lineage as soon as the package is cracked. To the experienced eye, Duct Tape’s relatively loose bud structure hints to its GG4 parentage while the heavy dusting of trichomes and its smatterings of purple and orange across the nug point to the other side of this hybrid, Dos-si-dos. Chocolate, diesel, and nutty aromas further demonstrate the background of Duct Tape. All of this comes together to create a smoke which is lightly herbal and gassy with distinct notes of peanut butter. The flavors and scents are heavier than a lot of cannabis, creating a more substantive sensory experience than most current offerings from other producers and demonstrating the clear care taken with this flower.

As for the effect, Duct Tape further exemplifies it’s genetics and demonstrates why it is the hybridization we didn't know we needed. In truth, it’s a little surprising that it took this long for Duct Tape to become a strain. GG4 is a fan favorite for sure and it’s coupling with Dos-si-dos compliments excellently. The sum of which is a high that is relaxing and enraptured bodily with the headiness associated with GG4 which is heightened by the Face Off OG heritage of Dos-si-dos. The intoxication is reminiscent of the medical days and this strain would be a potentially good option for those prone to stress. The equally strong presence of both a corporal and cranial high makes for just an overall fun strain.

Duct Tape is a great strain for combatting the after-work grumbles or for settling in for a marathon video game session. For those with an above-average tolerance, this strain would be excellent to just spend a day off with. It’s inevitable that you will be seeing this strain around more often so it’s better to get acquainted with it early. And if you’re going to smoke any strain for the first time, it should be from a grower that takes as much care and conveys enough passion as Gold Leaf does. If you’re someone that has been having trouble finding something that hits “like the old stuff” absolutely grab some Duct Tape (or any of Gold Leaf’s current crop) next time your at The Reef.



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