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The Reef Presents: "Homegrown In Bremerton"

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The Reef is proud to present the world premiere of "Homegrown in Bremerton," an homage to the community where it all began for us. We wanted to capture the essence of what it means to truly be Homegrown in Bremerton - a community that has made us feel at home from the first day that we opened our doors. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for a celebrity appearance from 'Squatch! This project was particularly challenging to shoot because of the creative direction we decided to take it in - shooting a "one take."

What Is A One Take?

A one-take, also called a one-shot or a oner, is a scene (or sometimes an entire movie) that is choreographed to be shot in one continuous take. The difficulty lies in the fact that the entire scene needs to be perfectly choreographed, because there are no other camera angles that can be used to cover up mistakes or inconsistencies, and the pacing of the shot is dictated 100% by the single camera being used. It allows us, the viewers, to feel more immersed in the shot, and allows the director to direct your focus on all the details that they want. The shot has to be rehearsed countless times, and without extra cameras to cut to, one mistake means the whole scene has to be reshot. Without such a dedicated and hardworking team, this commercial literally would have been impossible. Thank you to each and every one of you who continue to support us day in and day out, and a special thanks to the film crew, staff, and customers who participated in the shoot. Teamwork truly does make the dream work, and we couldn't ask for a better team or a better community. Please enjoy "Homegrown in Bremerton," and then go out and get some weed!



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