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Living by a strict set of rules is exhausting. When it comes to the finer things in life, Cannabis and coffee included, there can be a pretentiousness that limits the connoisseur from appreciating a whole section of products because they do not adhere to a strict set of guidelines. The highbrow high-seeker and the conscious cannabis consumer generally strive for things that are “single-origin” or as close to the truest representation of something that they can find. But sticking to this mantra can lead to neglecting some of the more lighthearted and fun sides of a particular craft. And it is for that reason that one would be truly remiss to miss The CBG Blend from Heylo paired with a blended iced coffee.

Don’t get me wrong, I can be a traditionalist as much as the next clout-chaser. I’ve scoffed at baristas questioning whether I would like any room for cream just like every other pompous pseudo-intellectual. But let's be honest, if you are able to remove your coffee snobbery for just a few minutes, a blended coffee can be just the thing you need to bring some levity to your day. Who cares if you’re essentially drinking a milkshake at 6 am, it’s coffee dammit. And it doesn’t really matter which flavor you go with because, well, to be frank, it's not really coffee anyway, so have some fun with it. I recommend the simple classics of caramel or java chip, but go wild. Have a toffee strawberry whipped cream vanilla monstrosity; it has probably got some level of caffeine and after all, you’ve earned it.

As a perfect pair to its coffee counterpart, the CBG Blend melds into the nonchalant frappe mindset. The CBG Blend started life as Where’s My Bike, a fun and distracting strain notorious for its high levels of CBG. For the uninitiated, CBG, or cannabigerol, is CBD’s bubbly and social sibling. In addition to research suggesting its antibacterial and tumor-inhibiting qualities, CBG manifests for smokers in the form of incredibly blissful highs. After enjoying the original effects of Where’s My Bike, the Heylo team sought to develop a blend with even higher levels of CBG, a cannabinoid most struggle to produce in large percentages. Thus the CBG Blend was born with a 3:1 THC to CBG ratio. This cartridge will get your head on right for anything you have to do. Anxiety melts away to uplifted productivity. Limonene assists in the elation and brings light citrus notes providing the ideal amount of courage and calm for social settings or packed grocery stores.

This combo is an incredible way to start your day. It is like a full system reset, melting away the troubles from the day before. One might consider artistic pursuits or further giving in to your new-found felicity with some online retail therapy. Or check out Heylo’s Spotify playlist for the CBG Blend curated by the hilarious Hannibal Buress. There isn’t a bad activity to pair with a blended coffee and The CBG Blend. Let the sweet coffee and manicured cannabis experience lift you up and send you on your way, completely prepared to tackle whatever barriers this stressful world may hurl at you.

Words: TJ Gagnier

Photos: Jesse Codling



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