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The Reef ° Capitol Hill's featured farm for May is SKöRD. Enjoy 20% off savings all month long (in-store only). Read below to learn more about this fabulous producer.

Founded in 2015, SKöRD is a tier 2 cannabis producer/processor operating out of Battle Ground Washington. They produce all of their product out of a 7200 sq. ft indoor facility that was built from the ground up to not only produce the best quality cannabis possible, but also the cleanest. Their approach to cultivation emphasizes the excellence, adaptability, and diversity of well-grown cannabis. SKORD's strains are selected in house and are exclusive to the grow.

Above all, they are cannabis purists and connoisseurs; "we grow what we love, hand crafted and clean, we produce what we want to experience, preserved and showcased. We do it this way for ourselves, but the ultimate reward is sharing it with other enthusiasts who, like us, have a profound appreciation for extraordinary unadulterated cannabis."


• SKöRD grows Hydroponically in Coco Coir & Stone Wool -Developing their own nutrients in-house.

• Their plants are truly pesticide free and never sprayed with anything, as healthy plants in an indoor healthy environment do not need pesticides or to be sprayed with anything. SKöRD tests each batch and every product to prove our practices and consumer’s safety.

• They cold cure plants after harvesting. Plants are never exposed to temps higher than 60 degrees to preserve terpene and trichome integrity.

The story of the Strains

SKöRD is always on the hunt for new strains – not only to keep people excited, but it is where the Founder’s passion truly lies. They are pheno hunters and pop seeds. After about 10 months and multiple cycles SKöRD decides if a specific strain will make the cut. Less than 10% of the genetics they test make the cut as something SKöRD believes is artisanal quality cannabis.

SKöRD Concentrates

• SKöRD uses two methods of extraction. PHO and Ice Water Extraction.

• PHO is a propane extraction that has many benefits over other solvents, but primarily they use it because it is the least aggressive, extracts the most terpenes and least amount of lipids + allows for sub-zero recovery and the least heat to purge.

• Ice Water extraction is truly solventless, as they mechanically separate the trichome heads with water and ice, and then are freeze-dried. This provides the purest results and is a key element to their beloved full-spectrum hash rosin.



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