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Everyone knows that Cannabis makes the perfect gift! It’s fun! It’s an experience! It’s therapeutic! It’s local! Looking to pick the right gift for the right person— we have you covered!

For the Burner

Go flower! Check out our gorgeous Canna Cola — the cola is the crowning jewel of the plant— specially packaged in a reusable cola glass. It’s likely you’re recipient has never seen a nug so large and beautiful!

For the Professional

Go PAX! Discreet, techy, customizable, and great cartridge options. After you check out bring it to The Mercantile downstairs to have it customized with our engraver — add your recipient's initials and other custom designs before it gets gift wrapped by Jahn Jahn.

For the Mom

Go Bath BOMB! Help your recipients relax in a new way with a THC infused bath bomb.

For the Traveler

THC, CBD and D8 arm patches!

For the Dilettante

Pioneer Squares. One of our most popular edibles, each has lots of dosing options so your holiday gathering doesn’t get too weird too quick!

And most of all. Give them LOVE! We all need love this year more than ever. Pass it on!

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