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The Reef visits Xtracted Labs / Refine

If you're an OG in the Washington cannabis market, then you recognize the name Refine, dating all the way back to when Washington's medical sales were conducted out of backpacks in parking lots. Needless to say, Refine has been one of the most consistent innovators in the i502 scene, so we were excited to get a look at behind the scenes of their operation, and just how they get their resin to be so "Loud." Check out what one of our Bud Gurus, Peyton from Cap Hill, had to say about their visit to the lab!


Refine has been around since the medical days here in Washington and is now in four different states (Washington, Maine, Alaska, and California.) Xtracted is a lab specializing in hydrocarbon extraction and distillation that outsources 100% of their starting material using solid grows like Royal Tree, Aurum Farms, Tree Hawk, Thunder Chief, etc. While they're very selective about the farms and strains that they work with, that doesn't mean Refine isn't moving heavy numbers - in fact, they're ordering up to as much as 250 pounds of raw cannabis material every Monday, so you can imagine just how much demand there is for the finished, concentrated product.

From their core line up with their distillate Northwest Concentrates cart selection to their Loud Resin RAD Refine carts - cartridges make up most of their inventory. In fact, they move about 30k North West Concentrate carts (their "B" tier carts) each month alone.

When it comes to their dabs, the goal is always to create as much "A" line product as possible - this being a Refine Loud Resin dab over a Northwest Concentrate dab. It's nice to know that there is no "B tier" material being purchased with the intent of going strain to Northwest Concentrates. Instead, quality control and personal taste tests from the staff determine whether or not it is packaged and sold as Refine Loud.

Overall, their lab was very organized and clean. All the workers we spoke to were long term employees, apart of a small team who just love smoking dabs. It’s just dudes doing what they love to do and that was very apparent while listening to them speak. There was a lot of cool equipment to look at and hear about how all the things work. A whole lot of math, expensive equipment, and knowledge goes into extracting concentrated THC hash oil from flower.

I felt like I was in a science lab today… I mean, I suppose I literally was - wasn’t I?



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