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1. We are creating a positive COMMUNITY by taking care of each other: our crew, customers, vendors, partners, and our neighborhood + city.

2. We hold each other to HIGH STANDARDS in our respectful communication within our crew, our commitment to serving customers in the most friendly and helpful way,  in our partnership and professionalism with vendors, our choice of products to sell, and the knowledge that is required to sell them best.

3. We have a
PASSION FOR CANNABIS and a thirst for knowledge that drives us to be a leader in education. We take pride in providing our customers with reliable, transparent, and honest information about the products they are purchasing.

4. We are continually seeking opportunities for
GROWTH, for The Reef Crew, our vendors, and for The Reef Brand.

5. We believe that putting
PEOPLE BEFORE PROFITS provides the greatest ultimate value for our stakeholders and will propel The Reef to the forefront of the industry.

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