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The Reef Dispensary has the Best Price on Cookies Cannabis in Seattle

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Cookies cannabis is the most famous weed brand in the country. And it’s not just all hype. Cookies has gained its acclaimed reputation for its high-quality products, premium genetics, consistency, and its popularity in hip-hop culture. The brand was founded by rapper Berner in 2008 originally as a clothing brand and later expanded to a cannabis company.

Cheapest Cookies Weed in Seattle

Cookies produces a variety of weed products, including flower, pre-rolls, cartridges, and concentrates. Because of its premium quality, Cookies weed isn’t cheap.

Typically, in Seattle, an 8th of Cookies flower goes for $60 after tax. Though the price is well worth it, we understand that this isn’t affordable for a lot of our customers at The Reef. Therefore, we strive to offer the lowest prices on Cookies weed in all of Seattle. Lowered from our previous price of $55 per 8th, we now offer 3.5 grams of Cookies flower for $50 after tax. This makes us the least expensive and most accessible dispensary to buy Cookies weed in Seattle.

Furthermore, we offer Cookies pre-rolls for $12. Cartridges are 500mg and cost $50, while badder costs $50 for a gram and live resin badder costs $75.

Cookies at The Reef

Here at The Reef dispensary, we offer a wide range of Cookies products. Our shelves stay stocked with the best strains in a variety of forms, including flower, concentrates, cartridges, and pre-rolls. Some popular flower strains are Gelatti, Cheetah Piss, All Time High, Cry Daddy, and SilverFace. Popular pre-roll strains include Collins Ave and Georgia Pie.

Though their flower is most sought after, their cartridges and concentrates prove to be just as popular amongst our customers. We offer Cookies badder in Berry Pie, Fish Scale, and Sweet Tea, as well as Sticky Buns live resin sugar. Cookies cartridges contain live resin, making for a smooth and potent experience. Some of the cartridge strains we keep stocked include Fly, Grandaddy Pluto, and Londonchello.

If you haven’t tried Cookies products before, this is your sign to spend the extra dollar for some of the best weed in the state. Browse our online menu to view our full selection or head to The Reef in Seattle for a personal recommendation from our knowledgeable budtenders.

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