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  • Mitch Pfeifer

Georgetown Brewery - The Best Brewery In Seattle

One of Seattle’s most popular breweries is also the largest independent brewery in Washington State. Founded in 2002, Georgetown Brewery creates all of their beers in-house. Operating alongside their 37,000 square foot brewing facility is a place for the public to enjoy everything they have to offer.

Located on Denver Avenue in Georgetown, this modern industrial-style brewery offers an open and welcoming atmosphere for locals and travelers alike. It is the perfect place to meet up with friends over a drink or even to just unwind by yourself after work. You’ll also find that it’s one of the best places to learn about beer as well as the surrounding area.

Georgetown brews dozens of beers in-house, with six renowned flavors that always stay on the menu— 9lb Porter, Manny’s Pale Ale, Roger’s Pilsner, Lucille IPA, Johnny Utah Pale Ale, and Bodhizafa IPA. All of these full-time flavors are also available in kegs to-go. Other current and seasonal offerings can be viewed on their website. And though they don’t serve food on-site, they allow you to bring your own.

They aren’t only known for the taste and quality of their drinks though; the owners of Georgetown Brewery are true beer lovers that are dedicated to their craft, serving the community, and providing an environment for friends to gather.

Their website states that, “two guys that liked beer a lot and hated working for other people came together to start a brewery. Between the time they brewed test batches of pale ales and purchased a 15 barrel system from a defunct brewery in North Carolina in 2002, to now when they support over 70 employees and are the largest independent brewery in Washington State, a lot has happened.”

Images via Georgetown Brewery

Thus, over the past couple of decades, they have been cemented as a local-favorite. Between the welcoming atmosphere, dedicated staff, and delectable brews, Georgetown Brewery is reccomended to any beer-lovers in the area.

They are open seven days a week. Their current summer hours are 10am to 7pm every day.

Find out why this is one of Seattle’s favorite breweries! And while you’re in the area, stop by The Reef, only a few minutes away, for any of your cannabis needs.


5200 Denver Ave S

Seattle, Washington 98108




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