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Matt's Serves Up World Famous Hotdogs in Seattle

There’s nothing quite like some classic comfort food— meaty hotdogs, juicy burgers, salty fries, and delectable milkshakes— a food family you can’t really go wrong with; especially if you’re getting them at Matt’s Hotdogs in Seattle. Since 1992, Matt’s has been serving the Seattle Georgetown area with some of the best dogs, burgers, fries, and shakes around.

With nearly a thousand positive Google reviews, a feature in Oprah Magazine, and a spot on Big Seven Travel’s list of the ‘50 Best Hot Dogs’ in the US, Matt’s Hotdogs is a local favorite with national recognition. Locals have this on their list of go-to's, while visitors go out of their way to the South end of the city to try Matt’s food.

Matt’s Food

Rest assured, Matt’s Hotdogs goes well beyond your typical dog quality. These are nothing like store-bought franks, which are commonly packed with fillers and nitrates. Rather, Matt has thrown together his own recipe of 100% pure beef hotdogs— no by-products, fillers, or nitrates. Matt’s burgers are also 100% beef.

Starting under $5, Matt’s offers nearly a dozen types of hotdogs. There’s the classic Chili Dog and Kraut Dog, along with other spruced-up and location-inspired options.

Matt’s Hot Dogs puts their take on the Chicago Dog with mustard, diced white onions, sweet relish, tomatoes, pickles, hot pepper, and celery salt, as well as the New York Dog with mustard, red onion sauce, and sauerkraut. One of their most popular items is the Seattle Dog with grilled onions and cream cheese.

They also offer a Polish Dog which is a pork and beef blend served Chicago style, as well as a spicy version of this. For those on a vegan diet, they offer a Veggie Sausage Dog served Chicago style.

Though they’re known for their hotdogs, Matt’s cooks up burgers that are just as good and affordable. All of their burgers are served with two patties, with multiple options, including a double bacon cheeseburger.

Everyone knows a hotdog or burger isn’t complete without a side of fries. Matt’s just happens to fry some of the most delicious, crispy fries to accompany your main course.

Matt’s Hotdogs in Georgetown

Matt’s Hotdogs is located at 6615 E Marginal Way S, right around the corner from our Georgetown dispensary. Our staff is always stopping by for a quick bite, and we highly recommend that you do too. Pick up your favorite cannabis products at The Reef, then head over to Matt’s for some of the best dogs and burgers around!

Matt’s Hotdogs Hours

Monday - Friday: 10 am to 8 pm

Saturday - Sunday: Closed

Connect With Matt’s

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