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  • Mitch Pfeifer

PAX Era Vape: A Beginner's Guide To Powerful And Discreet Vaping

The PAX Era is an award-winning device that was designed for busy smokers on the go. This vape battery offers consumers an easy and discreet experience - without compromising the flavor of your favorite vape concentrates. This ultra-compact PAX device is only compatible with PAX Era pods. The Era utilizes patented PAX technology to ensure consistent flavor (and hits) throughout the life of each vape pod.

PAX works with local Washington producers to curate some of the purest and most flavorful pods on the market. If you are looking for a sleek device that delivers consistent quality, the PAX Era is for you. You can find this device, and compatible pods, for sale at any of The Reef dispensary locations: Capitol Hill (Seattle), Bremerton, and Georgetown.

Get To Know The PAX Era

The PAX Era device is a simple and compact pod vape battery that is designed for use with self-contained cannabis oil vape pods. This device is perfect for low-maintenance consumers looking for a discreet and mess-free experience. As soon as the pod is popped onto the base of this device it is ready to be used. The PAX Era instantly activates the oil in each pod with proprietary and intuitive heating mechanisms.

This device will easily become your daily driver. The Era is small enough to fit in a pocket and leverages a minimalistic design that allows consumers to feel comfortable indulging in public without raising suspicion. This tiny tool packs a powerful punch. The Pax Era is 3.3” tall, 0.72” wide, and 0.4” thick and can easily fit in the palm of your hand. The LED indicator on the device is shaped like the PAX logo. These lights twinkle to let users know if the pod is connected, the remaining battery life of the device, the temperature setting, smoke sesh controls, and more.

Using Your PAX Era Device

Using this Pax device is almost effortless. Simply insert the PAX Pod until you hear it click. When the pod is empty, remove it and swap it out for a new one. To get the most out of your device follow these easy steps.

Turn Your Device On

You won’t get very far if you can’t turn your device on. The PAX Era is buttonless. This unique vape uses sensors to detect when you are inhaling. There is no “on” or “off” button to mess with. Once the pod is connected the LED lights will turn white. Simply raise the device to your lips and inhale in a slow and controlled manner to produce vapor.

Set Your Desired Temperature

This device has a temperature range between 520°F and 790°F and comes with four (4) predetermined settings. Customers who have access to the PAX App (only available to Android users) have the ability to fine-tune temp settings to the degree. Having a variety of settings allows you to tailor the experience to fit each strain.

To change the heating settings, shake your device for “Temp Set” mode. The LED indicator will then light up to show the current battery life. Once you remove your pod the indicator will change to show the current temperature. Select your desired setting and reinsert the pod to enjoy.

Charge & Check Battery Life

It is always a good idea to charge a new device after it is unboxed. The PAX Era is compatible with any micro USB charger (a cable is provided when you purchase the device). Once plugged in, the LED lights will communicate the current battery life of your PAX. Each petal of the logo represents a 25% charge. To check your battery during use, simply shake the device.

Increase Control With Special Features

The coolest thing about this device is its ability to help consumers track and monitor their consumption during each smoke sesh. To check your current usage, simply double-tap the device. LED petals will illuminate to show the number of hits you have taken in the last 30 minutes. The PAX Era tracks the number of hits based on inhalation times: one hit = a 1-2 second inhale. You can tap the device six (6) times to reset the tracker.

Tracking your usage is a solid way to gauge the effectiveness of a product, as well as to monitor and control the amount of concentrate you are consuming. Visit our online menu to view our selection of premium PAX Pods.


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