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The Pink Rozay Strain By Cookies: Rosé-Like Effects Without The Hangover

Cookies is by far one of the most recognizable names in Cannabis. Since its inception in 2008, Cookies has grown into an industry leader by leveraging a thriving legal cannabis company and a popular streetwear lifestyle brand. Cannabis products from Cookies have set the standard for the premium market by consistently producing innovative, exotic, and high quality cultivars. In 2020 Cookies expanded their operation into Washington state. Since then, the brand has solidified their territory as a top-shelf brand. With most dispensaries prominently displaying Cookies distinctive mylar bags on their shelves.

Their latest drop featured a full product line (flower, pre-rolls, and vape carts) of the Pink Rozay strain. Like a lot of other Cookies strains, Pink Rozay does not disappoint. Offering smokers a potent punch of dynamic effects and full-bodied flavor. Including the potential for a weightless euphoria that has been compared to drinking a glass of Rosé - but luckily, without the hangover.

Pink Rozay Appearance & Aroma

The Pink Rozay strain is roughly an 80/20 indica-leaning hybrid. This potent strain was created by crossing London Pound Cake (more specifically LPC75) and Lemonchello 10. Like other strains from the Cookies Fam, Pink Rozay was bred not only for potency but for taste and desired effects as well. This unique cross was not thrown together by accident. The genetic lineage sets the Pink Rozay strain up for success by creating the perfect foundation for a highly potent and flavorful strain.

The nugs from Pink Rozay plants are impressively frosty, with muted shades of green, purple, and pink throughout. The carefully cured buds of this flower display an array of thick trichomes and bright orange pistils (hairs) among structured calyxes. Unlike most strains on the market, Pink Rozay smells as good out of the package as it does safely stored inside. This strain is beautifully bred by the Cookies team and offers smokers a fruity/floral nose that finishes with creamy, pungent notes - reminiscent of blue cheese or champagne.

Potential Strain Effects

Whether you’re winding down from a long day at work, or looking to decompress before going out with friends, the Pink Rozay strain is here to help. While experienced smokers should find that this strain hits the spot, novice users may want to stick to small quantities since Pink Rozay is known to contain around 21% THC. Customers may experience a mood-boosting, yet floaty, euphoria that is comparable to drinking a glass of champagne.

The high from this strain has the potential to creep up on you. We recommend that you give yourself time between puffs to notice the real time effects. The first wave may offer consumers a head high that leaves them feeling giggly and mentally hazy. Once the effects start to settle, Pink Rozay has the potential to leave you feeling slightly sedated and comfortably couch-locked.

Those looking for a mood boost may feel themselves lift out of a bad funk from the first puff. Dominant terpenes such as myrcene, caryophyllene, and pinene work with the strain’s cannabinoids to create a powerful entourage effect you have to experience to believe.

If you’re trying this strain for the first time it may be a good idea to clear your schedule, roll up some Pink Rozay, and soak in a night of self-care. You may be surprised as you experience the fuzzy feeling of negativity leaving your body - allowing your mind to be at ease.

Find A Variety of Cookies Strains at The Reef

We pride ourselves on providing customers with the best prices on Cookies in Seattle. Customers are able to experience a variety of strains, including exclusive drops, at all of our dispensaries in Washington (Capitol Hill, Bremerton, and Georgetown)! If you’re interested in trying the Pink Rozay strain, or other popular Cookies cultivars, you can shop in-store, or skip the line by pre-ordering for pickup here.


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