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Looking For 'STIIIZY Pods Near Me' In Seattle? Try PAX Instead!

If you’ve been looking for a discreet and portable way to smoke concentrates on the go, disposable vape pods may be the perfect solution. While the STIIIZY brand quickly gained popularity in the PNW, but sadly, they are no longer sold in the state of Washington. If you are googling ‘STIIIZY Pods near me' in Seattle? We recommend trying PAX instead!

The PAX Era is an award-winning vape battery that was designed for busy stoners on-the-go. This device offers consumers in Seattle a great alternative to STIIIZY Pods by providing smokers with a simple experience that doesn’t compromise the flavor of the oils within. This vape is perfect for low-maintenance smokers looking for a discreet and mess-free experience. Unlike the average 510-thread cartridge, you get consistent flavors and aromas with PAX - without burning off terpenes or altering the cannabinoid profile of your favorite concentrates.

PAX: The Perfect Alternative To STIIIZY Pods In Seattle

PAX has been the leader of disposable pods in the Washington cannabis market for years. Their innovative team focuses on developing award-winning technology for concentrate lovers. This simple and compact vape battery is rechargeable, durable, dependable, and designed for use with proprietary self-contained cannabis vape pods.

Using your Pax device is beyond simple. This buttonless device leverages a proprietary, and intuitive, heating mechanism that instantly activates the oil in each pod with every inhale. Simply, insert your PAX Pod until you hear it click onto the battery’s base. Once the pod is connected, LED lights will turn white. When the pod is empty, you can easily remove it, dispose of it, and swap it out for a fresh one.

All PAX Pods are made with food grade materials and tested to medical standards - including being certified free from harmful heavy metals, toxins and contaminants.Pods come exclusively from vetted, high-quality producers across the state and are designed to give you a near-perfect dose with every hit. As an added benefit, product packaging provides information to assist customers in achieving the perfect vaping experience. To get the most out of your device follow these steps.

Find Pax At The Reef Dispensaries

This compact device is only compatible with PAX Era Pods and utilizes patented PAX technology to ensure consistent flavor (and hits) throughout the life of the product. PAX is known for working with local cannabis producers to curate some of the purest, potent, and most flavorful pods on the market. If you are looking for a sleek device that delivers consistent quality, and is comparable to STIIIZY Pods near you, the PAX Era is a great option. You can find this device, and compatible pods, for sale at any of The Reef dispensary locations: Capitol Hill (Seattle), Bremerton, and Georgetown.

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