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10 Gift Ideas for the Holidaze from The Reef

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

The Reef Cannabis has plenty of *buzzworthy* products for the CBD fans and cannabis lovers on your gift list.

Feeling stuck on what to get your free-spirited friends and family this season? Here comes The Reef Cannabis’ “Samta Claus” — the festive version of The Reef’s very own buyer, Sam — with their Top 10 Holidaze Gift Guide, filled with super chill holiday cheer.

1. My Bud Vase (only available at the The Reef Mercantile in Capitol Hill)

Have someone on your list who loves unexpected (and multi-use) home decor? This quirky centerpiece is a vase that doubles as a water pipe. Read: Perfect for your friend who just bought her own place. (Is it a vase that actually holds flowers? Or is it a gorgeous artisan water pipe? Why not both?)

2. PuffCo Cupsy (only available at The Reef Mercantile in Capitol Hill)

For the discreet smoker — looking at you, sideline soccer moms and wake-and-bake hustlers — the PuffCo Cupsy is a must. This low profile coffee cup water pipe will raise nary an eyebrow during your afternoon coffee break.

3. Cookies Backpack (only available at The Reef Mercantile in Capitol Hill) Samta carries his treats in a stylish, smell-proof bag, and you can too. He recommends a Cookies Backpack — big enough to hold all your treats (plus extras to share).

4. Pioneer Squares Dark Chocolate Peppermints Dank Chews

Looking to gift a sweet treat? Pioneer Square Dark Chocolate Peppermint Dank Chews will get anyone in the chillaxed holiday spirit. Pro tip from Samta: Enjoy a square by the fire with your own Mr. or Mrs. Claus.

5. SKöRD Divine Kush Breath

For the connoisseur. One of the most exclusive small batch craft flowers in the state, aficionados love this for its insanely polished nugs, potent genetics, and limited, exclusive drops.

6. Mfused Balanced Disposables

One of the few CBD/CBG-Ratio options available in a disposable form-factor, this pen makes for a great stocking stuffer.

7. YoCan Battery

Sleek, small, discreet. YoCan is known as “the big daddy of dab pens,” with a long-lasting, on-the-go power source. Read: The pocket-friendly way to get a *higher* end experience.

8. Ceres 500:1 CBD Dragon Balm

Have a family member with aches and pains? Samta recommends the gift of sweet relief with Ceres’ Dragon Balm, a smoothing balm available as a roll-on or cream.

9. Swiss Perc

If you’ve $1-2K to spend, this is your “it” gift. This luxe pipe is made of high-quality, hand-blown glass that maximizes flavor and provides a concentrated hit. Bonus: With only one color released per year, these are instant collectables.

10. PuffCo Proxy Vape

This elevated glass pipe has a silicon chamber + multiple heat settings for a customizable experience.

The Reef’s multiple locations and online ordering make one-stop-shopping easy. Need even more gift inspo? Head to The Reef’s Instagram to find new products and specials any time of year.*


Which of Samta’s picks would put the biggest smile on your face?

  1. My Bud Vase 💐

  2. Pioneer Square Dark Chocolate Peppermint Dank Chews 🍫

  3. Ceres 500:1 CBD Dragon Balm 🐉

  4. PuffCo Proxy Vape 😮‍💨


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