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High Tech, Weed Like to Share Another First With You 🌱

The easiest app-roach to Cannabis — from anywhere.

Since the approval of the production and sale of marijuana for medical and recreational use in our state in 2012, The Reef Cannabis has beenpioneering the cannabis industry through superior customer service + high quality products — and was one of the first to open a dispensary in WA. Consumers can visit them at one of their three locations —Capitol Hill, Georgetown, or Bremerton — or browse their highly curated selection of products using their newest innovation: The Reef Cannabis app. 📲

Here’s what the new mobile app has to offer:

  • Access to exclusive deals + product drops

  • Shopping by specific categories, strains, or brands

  • Detailed product descriptions, so you don’t have to wonder what you’re getting

  • Convenient pickup options: Skip the line by ordering ahead to pick up in store. The app will notify you as soon as your order is in.

  • Store locations and suggestions based on your specific tastes

The best part? When you download the app, you get 30% off of your first purchase.


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