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The Reef’s “Green Wednesday” Recommendations for a Chillaxed Thanksgiving

The Reef dispensary offers a curated selection of Washington State’s finest flowers, edibles, concentrates, vape carts + wellness items.

It’s almost turkey time, Seattle. Looking to keep the holiday vibes high? Starting with Green Wednesday (read: the cannabis version of Black Friday) and into the holiday weekend, The Reef Cannabis has a host of product recommendations that every (21+) personality in the fam might want to try. (Think: CBG to chill out Aunt Edith or CBD for Uncle Barry’s bad back.)

For the Type A relative: Edibles for beginners

The Reef’s edibles go beyond the traditional brownie or rice krispie treat to include mints, gummies, chocolates — and even vegan and gluten-free options — at all different strengths.

For the curious sipper: Cheers to non-beers

For those looking to dodge the bloat of beer or the groggy after-effects of wine, The Reef recommends trying a THC-infused beverage like an energy tincture or infused lemonade or root beer.

For the aficionado: Pens, pods, and pre-rolls galore

The more experienced cousin might enjoy pre-ordering a pre-rolled excuse to pop away for a little me-time, or a discreet cartridge treat for post-pumpkin pie.

For the wellness guru: Topicals

Your crunchy aunt may love a different way to wind down (think: lotions and bath bombs)after the stress of hosting Thanksgiving dinner.

With an extensive selection of options, The Reef’s Budtenders can help curate the exact vibe and experience you’re looking for.

Bonus: Shop online, track purchases + get exclusive Frequent Higher Miles rewards through The Reef’s new app. STOCK UP FOR THE HOLIDAYS

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