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The Reef has partnered with yoga instructor Alyson Rae to develop three cannabis-inspired sessions for you to practice safely at home. Alyson Rae's passion for the healing power of movement and self-care guided her into Seattle's celebrated Sendatsu Evolution Yoga Training School – immersing herself in learning the art of Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Restorative and Yoga Nidra. Weaving her loves of storytelling, positive theming, and cannabis – each of her yoga classes are crafted to create special energy that empowers the spirit.

Alyson is proud to contribute to the niche of teaching beginners yoga, taking care to offer easeful modifications and breakdowns of the foundational postures. This is the perfect time for people of all backgrounds and levels of fitness experience to learn how to find freedom and comfort within their own bodies and patience within their minds. Even the simplest shapes of yoga can offer that in this era where we often feel so stuck and on edge. Learn more about the Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid sessions below.

Sativa Sesh: A high energy and heat building class delivering classic postures with some interesting variations and focus driven transitions.

Hybrid Sesh: A slow flow class that continuously asks the student to find both a sense of effort and refinement and a sense of ease and relaxation in a simple series of shapes with some guided breathing at the beginning. This session features energy-driven breath-work and ends with a relaxation focused gentle breathing.

Indica Sesh: Super chill restorative, won’t even have to come off the floor any higher than a seat, with some of the Screen Rehab eye journeys, unique stretches, a few ultra-gentle restorative poses, and guided meditation in the end.



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