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For the month of July The Reef is stoked to spotlight PNW music icon Sam Lachow. Read the full interview below and be on the lookout for our AD collab with Sam featured in this month's Dope Magazine and the July 17th issue of The Stranger. Sam Lachow's new album will be out Fall 2019.

1. What's good with the new record? Give us a little background on the vibe of your first full-length in 3 years. Who have you been working with at the studio? Any news on a release date or new single coming out?

I think we've been working on this record for like 5 years now. And I don't just mean working on the lyrics and beats, but also just trying to find my "voice" and overall vibe for this project. It sorta represents the next phase in my career and I've never been more excited to release a record. Huge shoutout to Milo Eubank, the man who engineered and mixed this project, he definitely helped take this thing to a new level, along with Jake Crocker, John Martin and Antwon Vinson who are responsible for some of the craziest beats to come out of this city. 

2. What are your thoughts on the state of Seattle Hip-Hop? Any new artists out there you dig?

There's just an absurd amount of artistic talent in Seattle. I'm not sure the term "Seattle hip hop" is even a thing anymore haha I almost feel old just saying it. All I know is the community surrounding the music is still strong as ever, everybody really supports each others. The new generation is gonna be fun to watch. 

3. Has streaming culture affected your bottom line as a musician? Do you focus on live shows and merch more now than previously to make a living as an artist?

I honestly think it's way easier to make a living as an independent artist nowadays thanks to streaming. First of all, it's a heck of a lot easier to get people to check out your stuff when it's right there on their app. And then if your music is dope and you manage to build a little fanbase, you'll be making streaming money for the rest of your life. I barely sell any albums anymore, but I still make a decent check off of music I released in 2011. 

4. Describe your relationship with cannabis. Do you think it has helped or hindered your creativity?

Cannabis has always kept me grounded. Whenever my head starts to get a little too big, weed has a way of bringing me back down to earth. Cannabis keeps me humble. 

What piece of advice would you offer to other creatives trying to make a living as an artist?

Make sure you are in it for the right reasons. You have to love the craft, regardless whether or not you manage to make a living.  📷



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