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Updated: Jun 6, 2019

The Reef Cannabis is excited to feature Seattle Street Artist – WERIDOCULT in our April advertising via DOPE Magazine & The Stranger's Green Guide. Last fall, Jeff did an incredible job creating a massive jellyfish mural at our Capitol Hill location. Read the full interview below and take in a few photos of WEIRDOCULT in his element.

1. Describe to our readers what your style of art is all about...

I do what I call, Post internet hyper-realism. My paintings, my fine art is about looking at spirituality through a post-internet lens so to speak. A new renaissance vibe, or spiritual art in a new context with what we know now in this age. I put my future aesthetic, and post-internet spin on all my commercial and branded work too.    

2. Is there a project you've worked on that you are most proud of?

Currently finishing/finished "EgoDeath" in the U-District, and that is my most recent. Really satisfied with this last one, but I'm also always looking to the future and the next idea and am most excited for that. to keep pushing and getting asked to do my thing. 

Pictured: WEIRDOCULT's jellyfish mural at The Reef in Capitol Hill.

3. What inspires you? Why do you feel compelled to create?

Music and the ideas that come from being in that zone. Im inspired by the images, and scenarios music from this dimension conjures up, in my multiverse dimension, in my mind.  4. How do you navigate stress and keep a work/life balance?

I smoke flower all day every day, and make sure to take "me time". Self care like a random pedicure, or like a solitary hike, or whatever. Spend good thoughtful time when I can with my girl (Noodle_yess). I'll admit tho, I don't take enough time off to see the world. Murals are a 24/7 thing for me.  5. What part of the creative process excites you the most?

That's hard cause I'm an ultra nerd so the whole process is exciting. I suppose my favorite part is sketching the art on the wall and seeing that first hint of life in the art. A rendered glossy eyeball or getting that perfect execution on a part and feeling it like a bass drop, ya know?! 

Pictured: WEIRDOCULT's beginning stages on his hyper-realistic portrait of Jacques Cousteau.

6. How do you know when a work is finished?

The wall tells you, it vibrates and feels like its always been there. When it's so clean and complete that it tells you. 

7. What piece of advice would you offer to other creatives trying to make a living as an artist?

Never quit, or give up. You're going to go through a lot of shit and change a bunch but eventually you will wake up one day doing it the way you want. Stay hungry and trust you have something new to offer. If you don't then be ok with changing it up and finding your lane. But never ever give up. Fight for it. 



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