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Join The Reef for a live painting session this Thursday from artist Laurel Cleveland during August's Capitol Hill Art Walk. Cleveland has been leaving a trail of art through Seattle for years, literally. In the form of paper price tags, she developed her illustration style and shared her process by leaving them tied to signposts around the city. As people found her creations, they began to be referred to as her Moody Ladies and the alias @moodyorbit was born.

PLACE:  The Reef ° Capitol Hill Thursday, August 8th ° 5-8 PM, 21+

The live painting session coincides with VOLUME Cannabis' launch of their inaugural product collaboration with artists. As VOLUME embraces the ephemeral nature of cannabis, they look to artists to translate their cannabis experiences into works of art. For VOLUME 1 they've teamed up with Laurel Cleveland.

Fueled by their extract, Laurel has this to say about her cannabis experience with VOLUME 1 - “It’s like an orchestra, one that’s playing just for you. I feel grounded, rooted and strong. I am engulfed in a dreamy sensation that creeps over my eyelids and into my brain. The lightbulb is on.”

When asked what inspired her creation, she said - “My goal for this piece was to represent the divine feminine that is cannabis. She provides us with many experiences and can show us many facets of ourselves. This illustration is about growing with love and finding strength in our roots.”



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