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After a long day, a Sativa dominant hybrid seems like an odd choice. But, you may find just the high you're looking for out of Candy Queen from Falcanna. Around since the medical days, Falcanna has been growing cannabis for a decade now and getting progressively better every season. They grow their cannabis on the Olympic peninsula with organic mineral tea, nutrients, and soil. Falcanna bred's their genetics to be long lasting and to have the most amount of flavor possible. As such, Candy Queen is a cross of Candy Kush and Space Queen and sorts out to be 70% Sativa and 30% Indica, according to the label.

The bud itself feels well-cured to the touch, with a crisp, dry exterior that gives way to moist bounce when pressed and manipulated. The saffron-like hairs across the surface are almost the color of a freshly stained deck. Trichomes saturate the outside of the forest green leaves, giving off an appearance akin to brussel sprouts that has been tossed in a saute pan with clarified butter. The scent is very sweet and strong once the bag is opened. It’s like stepping into a smoothie shop, heavily scented of fresh fruit and pine-cleaning supplies. Floral notes settle in underneath with mostly hints of rosemary and lavender. True to its genetic origins, the primary terpenes in this strain seem to be Linalool, Pinene, and Limonene.

Once lit, the smoke is smooth but has a chest-expanding quality like Strawberry Cough (Though it doesn't go so far as to force you to cough). The pine on the nose is gone from the taste and is instead replaced with notes of sugary fruit cereal and rosemary focaccia. The tastes are subtle which coupled with the velvety smoke make the strain good for longer sessions and those who are offended by the skunky side of cannabis.

The high on this strain stays true to its roots. Much like Space Queen, after a relatively quick onset, cerebral “space”-iness begins. Open windows become louder and motions around the room become more apparent. There's a bit of foggy pressure right between the eyes. Meanwhile, the Candy Kush provides just enough of a body high to relax your shoulders, melting away daily stresses and tensions. Although the euphoria is there, this strain isn’t too sedative, just heavy enough to make lifting your leg up onto the ottoman a little bit harder.

With the the headier elements but calmed body, Candy Queen would be a good strain for playing video games. The high would make for longer gameplay as one would be less likely to get bored but placid enough to not fidget adding to the stress of high intensity play. Additionally, the more sativa leaning elements of Candy Queen lead to a boost of creativity so artistic pursuits would pair well with this strain. Other suggested activities are: binging Netflix, making dinner, or relaxing on the patio before sunset.

- TJ Gagnier



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