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Brewed coffee has have been a fuel to the masses for centuries. Since the first coffee shops opened in the pre-enlightenment era, coffee has been a beverage that has been gathered around, stimulating discussion and camaraderie. There is no question that coffee has long been a source of scholarly thinking and creative expression. It is with this consideration of cerebral calisthenics that this month we pair Lodi Dodi with that delicious black brew.

When grown with care and roasted properly, black coffee is much like weed and wine. With even just a little bit of consideration, the consumer can experience any number of tasting notes. And geography plays a large role as well. African coffees can take on a much more juicy or hearty flavor, like stew or ripe berries. Latin coffees are often bright and citrusy while Asian coffees tend to be more earthy and spicy.

A Latin American coffee would best pair with Lodi Dodi. The crisp, neat flavors of the coffee compliment this strain’s aroma. It’s a smell most describable as “clean”, though not chemically like cleaning supplies. Lodi Dodi’s smoke is effortless and mild with a flavor that is both floral and vaguely tropical.

Lodi Dodi is a cross of Trainwreck with Haze, and it’s a safe assumption from its superstar lineage that this strain is an incredibly cerebral sativa. While we all emerge from our homes and into the streets, Lodi Dodi is exactly the strain to keep us motivated, dynamic, and ready for change and heady conversations over a classic cup of coffee. Words: TJ Gagnier Photos: Jesse Codling



Aug 25, 2020

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Jul 23, 2020

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