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For many years now, the cappuccino has been bastardized. These days, any espresso beverage with a layer of thick foam on top can masquerade as one. But traditionally, cappuccinos are much more a strict and formulaic recipe, only between 5 and 6 ounces in size and are generally equal parts espresso, milk, and foam. However, while coffee has been abased for mass consumption, cannabis has had the opposite trajectory.

Legalization has brought the breeders revolution and with it more hybrids than ever before. Long gone are the days when you had one or two options from your dealers. Shelves are stocked with more options than most know what to do with. But while some bemoan the loss of classic strains in the process, hybridization has brought us the Cookies phenomenon, countless blue cuts, and the myriad of other choices offered by your neighborhood dispensary.

White Fire OG, or as its colloquially called Wifi, is a textbook example of a great hybrid. Its east meets west. California’s San Fernando Valley OG crosses with OG Kush to create one parent, Fire OG, while the Florida-based Triangle Kush becomes The White. Much like a cappuccino is topped with thick, luxurious foam, The White’s heavy trichome production dusts WiFi OG with a thick crystal layer. Fire OG lends an earthy, gassy note ultimately leading to White Fire’s sour citrus and herbaceous, peppery flavors.

White Fire OG by FREYA

Similarly, as espresso mixes with the steamed milk and foam of a cappuccino, syrupy and nutty tastes erupt, cream softening the bright, slightly bitter espresso. The diesel of the weed is mellowed by the thick layer of soft foam on top of the beverage. The tart flavors of both coffee and cannabis collide and complement while the deeper notes of pepper pair beautifully with the rich, smooth experience of the espresso.

Cappuccinos are traditionally a morning drink, thought too heavy to be consumed past 11:00 am and the same could be said for WiFi OG. The high sets in with a thick cerebral fog, more euphoric than your average haze, velvety like the head of that cappuccino. You’ll feel relaxed but uplifted, making this strain great for grabbing coffee with friends or being creative tucked away in a cafe.

Other recommended activities that would pair well with this combination of coffee and cannabis might be pre-gaming a long brunch with your conservative, out of town relatives, going to a farmers market with your partner, asking to sample all the fruit, changing into a disguise then resampling all the fruit or just binge-watching your favorite holiday movies. Daytime use won't make you groggy, but sustained use can be heavier than you anticipate. Don’t worry, just grab another cappuccino and you’ll be good to go.

Words: TJ Gagnier

Photos: Jesse Codling



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