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Summer is a time for two things: guilty pleasures and good weed. With that ethos in mind, it only makes sense that this month’s coffee and Cannabis pair be an iced vanilla latte with Rainbow Flame #14. An iced vanilla latte’s accessibility allows it to be pairable with a number of weeds but Rainbow Flame #14 is an exciting new strain from Constellation Cannabis that just seems to fit at this time of year. Not only does Rainbow Flame #14 sound like a limited release espresso blend from an independent third-wave roaster, but a lot about this strain evokes feelings of summer.

Both iced vanilla lattes and Rainbow Flame #14 are incredibly reminiscent of a vanilla ice cream cone. A properly made, high-quality iced vanilla latte tastes much like that nostalgic summertime treat, with the espresso imparting a touch of a toasty taste to the sweetened cream. The bud of Rainbow Flame #14 is imperceivable beneath its decadent layer of french vanilla trichomes. When smoked, the flavor of freshly cut wheatgrass greets you upfront, furthering the summer vibes, while the taste of a made to order waffle cone settles in on the back end.

The high from this strain is like laying in a sunny park. From a body perspective, Rainbow Flame #14 feels like the tingling of an encroaching tan that thankfully won't require any aloe when the high is over. This sativa-dominant hybrid has a definite lucid head high but in larger quantities, your thoughts become somewhat fleeting, resulting in a coherent daydream experience. You won’t find yourself lazing around in the midday warmth too long though as this cannabis comes with a bit of munchies on the back end.

An iced vanilla latte and Rainbow Flame #14 is a combination made for the leisurely days of early summer. One might consider going for a stroll in the rapidly improving weather or playing board games on a cozy balcony. Given the season, this pair is a natural complement to Pride festivities, whatever those may look like this year. Whatever activity it may be, an iced vanilla latte and Rainbow Flame #14’s favors the calm, steady increase in energy that comes with the seasonal change. And ultimately, a slow escalation of activity may be just what we need right now.

Words: TJ Gagnier

Photos: Jesse Codling



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