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Thirty years ago, sweet was not a descriptor that someone would generally attribute to coffee or cannabis. Coffee was and still is, seen as bitter in its black form, with any sweetness coming from mounding scoops of sugar. As for weed, it was skunky and pungent, often smelling like the ditch it came out of. However, ever since legalization and the sweeping proliferation of coffee shops on every corner, the post-prohibition consumer has nearly endless choices. We are no longer beholden to whatever subpar substance is thrust upon us by our weed dealer or Flo from the corner diner. So, if perchance you have a bit of a sweet tooth and enjoy the more relaxed side of life, consider pairing Wedding Cake with a White Mocha.

A quick clarifying point and biological history lesson as it pertains to Wedding Cake. For the purposes of this pairing, the Wedding Cake cross that is being referred to is the Pink Cookies version, or Cherry Pie crossed with Girl Scout Cookies. There are many who would argue that Wedding Cake is a phenotype of Triangle Mintz, or Triangle Kush crossed with Animal Mintz. Although the “Mintz” in Animal Mintz does come from a phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies called Thin Mint, that is where the genetic similarities end. From there, Animal Mintz begins to incorporate a number of additional hybrids to try to outdo the classics of Granddaddy Purple, Durban Poison and OG Kush that make up the deeper lineage of Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies (Though, it should be said, that either version of Wedding Cake would pair nicely with a White Mocha).

Wedding Cake by WA Bud Co.

When it comes to the coffee side of this partnership, there is no shortage of history as well, as this beverage is named after the port city of Mocha in Yemen, which centuries ago grew in prominence due to being heavily dependent on the coffee trade. Where white mochas differ from their traditional counterpart is that they are made with white chocolate sauce instead of the more usual dark chocolate. As a consequence, white mochas, as previously mentioned, are a bit sweeter than your regular mocha and can be a delightful option any time of day. Wedding Cake receives its name from not only its Cookie lineage but also from the frosting of trichomes that is characteristic of this strain. Deep, dense green buds and orange pistils emanate a sweet and vaguely fruity aroma but the caryophyllene, humulene, and limonene terpenes result in a smattering of tangy and gassy tasting notes. As for the effect of this strain, the consumer can experience a large amount of euphoria as with most GSC crosses. Relaxation abounds from this slightly indica-dominant hybrid and after a few tokes, one can expect a decent fit of the giggles should the moment call for it. Activities that combine well with Wedding Cake and a White Mocha include book shopping, lounging around watching reruns, or debating with your friends on a lazy Sunday about what you should go do. So the next time you’re looking for something to counteract a shiftless afternoon, give Wedding Cake and White Mocha a try. It may just turn your whole day around.



Mar 09, 2020

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Feb 20, 2020

The thing is, the weed makes coffee taste icky. Maybe it's just me but it really messes up the taste. Makes it taste like wood or something.

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