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In life, it is essential to find a balance between the old and the new. There's always a reason that something becomes a classic; whether that be its status as a staple, its timeless appeal or perhaps just its lack of comparable replacement. Now, that isn’t to say that new doesn’t hold its own. A mesh of old-world charm and modernity, this is the beautiful principle on which the pairing of Information Retrieval's Limoncello Haze and a macchiato is based. A macchiato is a tradition and Limoncello Haze is posed to yank it into the 21st century.

To begin with, it should be noted that you’d be forgiven for thinking that a macchiato is caramel laden coffee beverage with tons of steamed milk. In fact, that couldn’t be much further from the truth. A macchiato (Italian for ‘marked’ or “spotted”) is in actuality a shot of espresso with just a dollop of foamed cream. The intention here is to balance, not engulf, the coffee and add just a touch of sweetness. This is not a drink one clutches for warmth while running morning errands. A macchiato is light and contemplative, though brief. It is enjoyed with purpose and poise.  

Limoncello Haze By Information Retrieval

The delicateness of that macchiato pairs with the tart, herbaceous aromas that proliferate from Limoncello Haze. As the name suggests, Limoncello Haze teems with a definite citrus taste, but it is far more complex than your daily lemon strains. It truly is like its namesake Limoncello, further complimenting the Italian heritage of the companion macchiato.   Likewise, the genetics of this strain echo that blend of standard meets unique. Limoncello Haze is a cross of the lesser-known Lemon Ice and time-tested Super Silver Haze. As a flower, it is deep green, drenched with substantial trichomes, and heavily spotted with cafe colored pistils. The high is distracting and euphoric. Positivity radiates from deep within after toking on this strain. The consumer might find themselves forgetting that they were in the middle of getting high as they waft aimlessly on a bubble of uplifted spirits. Let your mind wander and give in to your creativity as you wash down the sour and sweet smoke with small sips of macchiato.   One could find Limoncello Haze and a macchiato a nice compliment to inventive and stimulating endeavors. Take some time to appreciate the merging of traditional craft and new-school excellence. Pick up some of Information Retrieval’s Limoncello Haze next time your on the way to grab your morning coffee and give it a try with a macchiato (or two). Or roll some up in the afternoon with a glass of actual Limoncello. Either way, with this strain, pleasure abounds. 

Words: TJ Gagnier

Photos: Jesse Codling



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