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  • Mitch Pfeifer

Get Groovy With The Disco Strain: An Exclusive Collab From Cookies x House of Cultivar

As the world's first legal cannabis brand worth over $1 billion, Cookies has undoubtedly secured their place in the history books. At this point, whether you live in a legal state or not, you’ve probably heard of Cookies. Berner, famous rapper and Cookies CEO, has built his brand by providing top-shelf cannabis flower - backed with a popular clothing line - to fans across the country (and beyond). Most recently, Cookies partnered with House of Cultivar (HOC) to drop four exclusive strains in Washington state - including the product of this feature, the Disco strain.

This unique pheno was selected and grown by HOC - with close collaboration from the Cookies team. The Disco strain is an exclusive cultivar bred by Fountainhead Seeds by crossing Wedding Cake x Lime Vines. This strain is packed full of mouth-watering flavors and pleasantly potent vibes. In our opinion, the experienced team of cultivators at HOC have truly outdone themselves with this Cookies collab. This latest drop proves that the Cookies team can continue to produce (and source) some of the most popular, and premium, cannabis strains in Washington - even after all these years.

Strain Genetics & Flavor

For us, this collaboration seems like a no-brainer. Brand founders from HOC and Cookies are, after all, first and foremost cannabis enthusiasts and experienced cultivators. So it makes sense for them to join forces to launch a line of funky fresh strains for the Washington market. This one-of-a-kind strain pulls from parents (Wedding Cake x Lime Vines) to provide a distinct experience that plays on all the senses.

Consumers get to experience the best of both worlds with this hybrid flower. Classic effects from old school Wedding Cake dance with nuanced characteristics from the Lime Vines to create a flavor unique to the Disco strain. Firstly, the aromatic profile of this strain is off the hook! Heavy notes of key lime mix with sweet, creamy vanilla, and hints of diesel gas and musk that translate directly from the nose of the strain through to the taste. Once ground, the smell of citrus becomes more potent, foreshadowing the potentially stimulating effects of this stunning specimen.

Disco Appearance & Effects

The quality buds of the Disco strain are sure to delight even the pickiest smokers. Each chunky lime-green nug is packed with an array of purple hues and a thick layer of crystal trichomes. As the buds catch light, the crystals give up a sparkle that aptly fits the Disco name.

This unique cultivar is absolutely delicious, and allows consumers to indulge in an experience that is anything but average. Disco blew us away in the taste category, with the strain profile leaning heavily in the realm of baked goods. Creamy terps linger after each hit as the smoke tangos on your tongue. The flower itself is fresh, well cured, easy to grind, and provides a potent- but functional high- that experienced smokers can take advantage of throughout the day.

Based on reviews, smokers should prepare for a potent experience that has the potential to provide a balanced set of effects. The Disco strain may be the perfect choice for creative endeavors or hanging with friends, as it may encourage feelings of relaxation and euphoria. Due to its relaxing benefits, the Disco strain may also be beneficial in helping with symptoms of insomnia, pain, and/or mood disorders - including chronic stress and anxiety.

Find Cookies At The Reef

We are lucky to receive exclusive drops from both Cookies and House of Cultivar at all of our dispensary locations (Capitol Hill, Bremerton, and Georgetown)! Pop in-store for personalized recommendations from our knowledgeable team or skip the line by pre-ordering for pickup here.


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