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Fresh Drop: The Puffco Peak Indiglow Pro is at The Reef!

If you're up on all the major happenings in the cannabis world, then you know that it is literally impossible to order a Puffco Peak right now. The Peak has been so popular that Puffco literally had to make a public announcement that they wouldn't be taking anymore orders until all current outstanding orders have been filled and shipped. This makes physical retailers who placed their orders months ago the only place that you can get a Puffco Peak, especially the new Indiglow Peak Pro. Luckily for you, The Reef prepared for this moment ahead of time, and we just got in a fresh shipment of that new new, so if you need to get your hands on a Puffco Peak before the holidays are over, you need to pop into one of our three locations and pick one up as soon as possible - these are sure to sell out.

What's So Good About The Puffco Pro?

You might find yourself asking what the big deal is about the Puffco Pro, especially if you already have the original Puffco Peak. Check out this video below to see all of our favorite features about the Puffco Peak Pro.



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