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GIVING TUESDAY: The Reef X Seattle Music

My best memories all go with music— concerts, singing, playing guitar and discovering new music. Cannabis has always played a huge part in that. So last winter when The Reef was trying to decide how to give back to our community, finding a way to give back through music seemed most appropriate. COVID had shut down all venues and musicians were starving. Even more than usual. Jesse from The Reef, Seth from Seattle World Tour and Mitch from Respect my Region met to figure out what should be done. And Rain City Relief was born.

Rain City Relief was envisioned as a platform to provide broad community support for local musicians— with donors receiving a limited edition vinyl with COVID recorded cuts of Seattle’s top emerging musicians— Shaina Shepard, Chong the Nomad, The Black Tones, to name a few.

The Reef sponsored the studio session for ten local bands and musicians in March 2020, one year after COVID shut down all venues. Each artist recorded a song to be placed on the Rain City Relief compilation vinyl. Donors to Rain City Relief who give at least $25 receive the limited release record. Additionally, thanks to our partners Weedmaps and PAX videos of the sessions are dropping weekly. Check ‘em out and share the love! All proceeds go directly to the artists!

This week’s performance is Chong the Nomad. Recently featured on Marvel’s Shang-Chi soundtrack – Chong continues to build momentum as a nationally recognized artist. Chong delivers one of RCR’s most intimate moments on the record. Chong The Nomad, better known for EDM tracks, came “unplugged” and shared a new acoustic piano ballad that was born during the pandemic Undervelvet. Please check it out here first!:




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