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  • Maddie Minore

How To Make Firecracker Edibles at Home

With the recent holiday and sky bound explosives everywhere, of course, my mind has turned to a classic edible that almost everyone has a personal experience with from the early days of their cannabis journey. The Firecracker edible is not only iconic it is super simple to make and infinitely customizable. You can truly experiment both with flavor and effect once you learn the steps to creating a Firecracker. You are going to need three core ingredients to make these - a cracker, a spread, and decarbed and ground cannabis.

What Does "Decarbed" mean?

Decarboxylated cannabis (or decarbed) is cannabis that has been treated so that the cannabinoids you desire are ready for absorption through consumption. Decarboxylation by definition means a chemical reaction that removes a carboxyl group and releases carbon. In normal people terms, decarbing your weed "activates" the cannabinoids so that you actually have a psychoactive experience (you'll get high.) You can achieve this through heat, light, or solvents, but the simplest way at home is using temperature with your crock pot or oven. If you're using an oven, you can use a mason jar or baking sheet to hold your weed while it's decarbing. Below, we've included loose instructions for how long you need to heat up your weed to decarb your flower, but remember that no two ovens are the same so temperatures and times can vary! Test out some smaller batches to dial in your exact settings before you decided to cook a large batch. You can customize what cannabinoids you want to draw out by how long and how hot you cook the cannabis for. Here are the major cannabinoids that you can manipulate with cooking time:

  • THCA to THC- bake at 240°F for 40 minutes

  • CBDA to CBD- bake at 240°F for 90 minutes

  • CBGA to CBG- bake at 220°F for 60 minutes

  • THC to CBN- bake at 240°F for 180 minutes

You can grind your cannabis either before you decarb or after - it's really a matter of personal preference, so try it both ways and see which method you like better. Now that you've decarbed your cannabis, all you need to do is pick your cracker and spread and add the desired amount of cannabis. You can go for the classic peanut butter and graham cracker or try something like a cookie with nutella on top. You will experience a nice and balanced edible high with a more full spectrum effect than the typical distillate edible and it is so fun and easy to make.



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