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LIMITED DROP: The Puffco Proxy Available 7/9 at The Reef

The Puffco Proxy is Puffco's newest attempt at revolutionizing the way we vape our concentrates. This time, it comes in the form of a smaller form, modular vaporizer set in a lightweight glass hand pipe. The atomizer and chamber are easily removed, meaning that it will fit in any alternate ecosystem that is made to fit it. While the only glass available for the Proxy right now is the standard pipe that comes with the product, that's sure to change in the near future as Puffco and other glass blowers race to take advantage of the Proxy's modularity.

The Proxy comes standard with a 3D Atomizer in it's chamber - the same atomizer that revolutionized the function of the Puffco Peak, but the experience is completely different, and is more akin to the light, smooth hits of some top handheld flower vapes. Of course, this is again bound to change as different glass is produced to change the way the Proxy hits. For example, Puffco has announced that they'll soon by dropping a bubbler attachment, introducing water filtration into the mix and completely changing the quality of the hit. You can essentially think of the Proxy as an open source code that Puffco has written and is actively encouraging other coders (glass blowers) to see what they can do with that code. In a world full of proprietary weed tech, it's refreshing to see a big name like Puffco open up their product to anyone who wants to take a crack at modding it.

What Comes With The Puffco Proxy?

The Proxy comes packaged in a padded, zip-up carrying case with a pebbled pleather exterior that makes transporting it from A to B fairly easy. When you open up the case, here's what comes inside:

- 1 Puffco proxy with standard glass hand pipe

- 1 USB-C charging cable

- Stash compartment for dabs, with magnetic lid

- 1 Stainless steel Puffco branded dabber

- 5 Puffco wooden dual tools / cotton swab

Altogether, the Puffco Proxy is going to cost you $299, which isn't bad considering the 3D chamber comes standard (you have to buy it separately for $99 for the Puffco Peak Pro.) Almost assuredly, most of the cost for the Proxy is going to come from buying after-market parts as they become available, but none of them are required to get a good vapor experience. But if there's one thing about loyal Puffco customers, it's that customization is a matter of if, not when.

Where Do I Get A Puffco Proxy?

The Proxy's are going to be hard to come by, but luckily for you, The Reef is one of the first and only retailers in Seattle to carry them. We're launching the Proxy in all stores as well as our Mercantile Glass and Accessories shop. They drop this Saturday, July 9, and quantities are extremely limited, so make sure you get yours while you still can! Not to mention, 7/10 is coming up and all of our concentrates are going to be 25% off, which makes this the perfect time to get a new e-rig to smoke them all out of. Come by any of our stores, or call ahead to check to see if we still have the Proxy in stock!

The Reef Capitol Hill

1525 E. Olive Way

Seattle, WA 98122

The Reef Georgetown

303 S. Michigan St.

Seattle, WA 98108

The Reef Bremerton

1107 N. Callow Ave

Bremerton, WA 98312



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