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Nug of the Week and Places to Smoke It: Red Runtz

This is probably going to be one of my most honest strain reviews because I literally just smoked it five minutes before writing this article. What that means is while I may end up a little verbose on the strain description, it's because my stream of consciousness is a cacophony of live updates regarding the high. And what a. fantastic high it is. Today's nug of the week is Red Runtz, bred by the famous Exotic Mike/exotic genetix. This beauty crosses Red Pop with Runtz, resulting in a sweet, creamy, heavily present berry aroma as soon as you crack the bag open. When I took the nugs out of the mylar bag for further inspection, I was surprised to see that parts of the nugs take on a deep, almost purplish red. It's a color I've never really seen in my cannabis before.

But of course, looks and smells don't mean anything if it doesn't smoke well. So I grabbed my bong, my grinder, and some Red Runtz and put it to the test. I was very happy that the berry flavor in the bud carried over to the smoke. There was little to no throat hit, and I don't think I coughed at all, despite snapping the whole bowl in one go. The high is severely spacey but I don't feel couch locked. In fact, I feel pretty munchie, which is going to keep me off the couch and in the kitchen for a minute. I can really feel the ebb and flow of the music that I'm listening to right now, so if you have any concerts that you're going to this weekend (I didn't list them but Key Glock and J Balvin are both in town this week) I highly recommend you pick this strain up. It's available in our Bremerton, Capitol Hill, and Georgetown locations!

Here are some other activities we recommend doing while smoking on that Red Runtz.

Seattle Erotic Art Festival - Seattle

The Seattle Erotic art Festival is an experience unlike any other festival or gallery you have likely ever attended. Over the course of three days, a curated selection of some of the finest erotic art the world has to offer will grace the floors of the Seattle Center’s Exhibition Hall, awaiting your perusal and enjoyment. The Festival art will engage you, titillate you, and make you think. Not every piece is to everyone’s tastes, but there is something there that will speak to you – and what doesn’t can lead to some fascinating conversations. Whether you are attending for the first time and new to the sex positive community, or have attended these events for years – this festival is for you.

More information about artists and schedules will be available at and will updated regularly.

Spliff Film Festival - Seattle

The SPLIFF Film Festival is made by stoners, for stoners. At SPLIFF, you’ll see films that will make you laugh, films that will make you think, and films that will make you ask, “What the f- was that?!” The 2022 SPLIFF Film Festival will premier in Seattle on April 30th. Get your tickets here!

Rebel Souljahz - Tacoma

Rebel SoulJahz hail from the urban streets of Waipahu, Hawaii. Since the bands inception in 2006 they have arranged, written and performed several number 1 hits such as "Nothing to Hide", "The One", "Play me like a Fool" and "Ms. Beautiful". Catch them in Seattle at the Crocodile on the 29th, or in Tacoma at Real Art Tacoma the next day. Get your tickets here.

Divas of the Northwest - Bremerton

Join Shay Fox, Starla D’Ville and more as we take over the Historic Roxy Theater in the heart of Bremerton, WA! Be prepared to see some of the best entertainment that Washington has to offer from the glitz and glamour of the Haus of St James to the high energy of Starla D’Ville and the others! Rest assured that The Roxy will take you on the ride of your life as it introduces you to the DIVAS OF THE NORTHWEST! The show is Thursday, April 28 from 6-8pm. Get your tickets here.

Black Light Paint Night - Bremerton

Come out to create your own masterpiece with a twist! we will be painting with black light reflective paint to make this beautiful vibrant piece! $30 per person covers all supplies and instruction for this event! Space is limited so contact the Garage bar and grill to buy your pre-sale tickets today!



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