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Nug of the Week and Where to Smoke it: Pancakes A La Mode

Our Nug of the Week is Pancakes a la Mode from Fire Bros! Let me tell you, this strain is one of those that literally tastes like its name. The scent on the nug carries a sweet, syrupy flavor; but when it gets broken down, that sweetness explodes, while also carrying an earthy, creamy scent on the back end. Incidentally enough, the first thing that we recommend you do while smoking this strain is a Donut Festival, where the scents and flavors will pair with the Pancakes a la Mode perfectly from start to finish. Make sure you drop by The Reef Georgetown or Capitol Hill to grab your Pancakes a la Mode, and if you're in Bremerton, I recommend trying the French Toast Crunch, which has a very similar flavor profile.

Seattle Donut Fest - Magnuson Park, June 11

The Seattle clouds have gathered together to sprinkle the town with a rainbow of donut varieties on June 11, 2022. The first annual Seattle Donut Fest is inviting every donut creation to vogue their sweet style in Hangar 30 in the lovely Magnuson Park at Sandpoint. This Inaugural event will challenge you to step outside your typical morning donut such as the Apple Fritter, Maple Bar or Old Fashioned and venture out into the unknown by trying something like a Cronut, Paczki or Mochinut.

SOS Pro Wrestling: Last Resort - Tacoma, June 11

Pro Wrestling meets Lost in this exciting combination of nail-biting action and island danger. SOS Pro Wrestling debuts in Tacoma Washington. Prepare yourself for a wild evening of exciting professional wrestling action with an island twist. Guests are encouraged to participate by cheering for their favorite combatant and jeering for the bad guys, while sporting their favorite island wear. Get your tickets to the mania here!

Summer Sunset Boat Party Seattle 2022 - MOHAI (South Lake Union), June 11

Celebrate A Beautiful Summer’s Weekend on a boat and see your city like never before!!Experience your City by cruising through Lake Union, and Lake Washington. This incredible cruise is one of the most popular events the capital has to offer. You are guaranteed an epic night of great vibes, great views and great memories. The Spirit of 76, a two-level vessel with indoor deck and an outdoor open-air deck makes it a perfect floating nightclub that provides amazing views and a partying experience like never before! Get your all white summer vibes on! All white dress code highly recommended. Tickets are selling out fast so get yours now!

Enchanted Kingdom - Freighthouse Square, Tacoma June 10

Head over to Freighthouse Square in Tacoma this Friday night and find yourself transported to an Enchanted Kingdom! The event, put on by Resurgence, will feature a night of bass and wubz. It's the perfect pairing with our nug of the week. Grab your weed, your neon, and your energy drinks, because this even goes on all night long! Happy raving!

The Dope Show @ The Historic Roxy - Bremerton

This Saturday at 8pm, grab your weed and head over to The Historic Roxy Theater in Bremerton for The Dope Show. Hosted by avid weed enthusiast, Tyler Smith, watch a group of stand-up comedians do a set sober, smoke some weed, then do a second set! It's sure to be a great time regardless, but it'll be the best time if you're also stoned. Get your tickets here! Doors open at 7, set starts at 8.

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