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Nug of the Week: Blueberry Scone by Freya

Our nug of the week hails from the family owned operation Freya Farms: Blueberry Scone. This indica hybrid strain carries this strong blueberry genetics over, both in flavor/smell and in high. Blueberry Scone has hints of sweet blueberry mixed with some sweet earthy notes and a little twinge of sour on the backend, making for one of my favorite strains by Freya Farms. The high comes on almost immediately, most noticeably for me in my forehead and behind my eyes. As it spreads over my body, I definitely find myself going through a stage of floating above my body. It's this part of the high where I find myself pondering the cosmos, listening to music, or working on my art. I definitely recommend this strain to my fellow creatives looking for a new way to tap into their creativity. As such, we paired the strain with a list of creative things to do around Washington this weekend. You can find Blueberry scone at our Capitol Hill, Georgetown, and Bremerton stores, so no matter where you find yourself this weekend, you'll be able to pick up some of that good good.

Seattle NFT Museum - Seattle, WA

NFTs are making a historic impact on art and digital assets with over $2.5B in sales in the first half of 2021. Collectibles, sports, and art are the top three categories of NFT sales which is the focus of Seattle NFT Museum showings in an effort to provide an outlet for artists, creators, IP owners, and collectors to display their NFTs in a highly contextual, physical setting.

The museum ranges from education exhibitions to coveted pieces.

Death of a Salesman at Gary Fetterplace - Port Orchard, WA

The tragedy of a typical American - a salesman who at the age of sixty-three is faced with what he cannot face: defeat and disillusionment. Death of a Salesman is considered by many to be both the playwright's masterpiece and a cornerstone of contemporary American drama. Miller's work is revered for its bold realism and riveting theatricality, a play that deals in weighty emotional issues without descending to melodrama.

Champagne Day, Cocktails, and Afro Beats - Bellevue, WA

Champagne Day is a cocktail social at the swanky Civility & Unrest lounge celebrating afro-contemporary food, fashion, music and lifestyle. With groovy afro-pop sounds playing, come by sip on some champagne and enjoy a night of merriment, libations and new connections as we toast to more life.

For this edition, they will be having a special set featuring UK Grime, Funky, Lover's rock and dubplates galore by HalfMoon's resident DJ-Producer Luca.

Drunk in Love, Beyonce vs Drake night - The Crocodile, Seattle, WA presents "Drunk in Love, Beyonce vs Drake Night" tonight at the iconic Crocodile in Seattle, WA! DJ's will be spinning the best of both artists, so you know there's a ton of dancing to be done. Whether you're there for Queen B or the 6God, you're really there for a guaranteed good time and guaranteed good music.



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