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Nug of the week: Crumpets from Pot of Gold

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

pot of gold crumpets

Pot of Gold is a newer vendor on our shelves, but they’re already a staple brand for a lot of our customers and budtenders alike. Possibly the most unanimously loved strain is their Crumpets, which we’ve just seen a restock of in our new Georgetown location! This sativa hybrid has a spicy, herbal flavor profile accompanied with a high that left me feeling stoney but alert (I played video games the entire time I was smoking it.) We think this hitter strain will pair perfectly with any of the following activities. So swing by Georgetown, grab some crumpets, and let us know which of the following you decided to do!

Flip Flip, Ding Ding

Looking for something to do with your nights this weekend? Skip going to your regular everyday bar and head over to Flip Flip, Ding Ding, a video game and ping pong barcade in Georgetown, Seattle. It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but when you step inside, you’ll realize there’s something for everyone. The machines are very well maintained, and if you’re not into the pinball, maybe drop by on game day or during a live performance! They have beer, cider, hard liquor, and a limited menu of bar eats that also includes some vegan and vegetarian options. Grab some Crumpets, grab a beer, and slap some paddles!

Christmas Ship Festival

Argosy Cruises Christmas Ship Festival is an excellent way to celebrate the holiday season, especially for families. The parade has been taking place since 1949, traditionally starting the day after Thanksgiving and running until December 23. Brightly decorated and glowing with thousands of lights, the Christmas ships parade through dozens of waterfront neighborhoods around Lake Washington and Puget Sound. Choirs perform carols on board the Christmas Ship, entertaining not only passengers but also those viewing from the shore. The Christmas Ship parade departs from Lake Union Park, so it's an excellent watching spot to enjoy the lights and caroling for free. Fremont Cut is another good place to watch the ships passing by. Or you can take your own boat, decorate it with lights, and join the parade!

Frye Museum - Human Nature, Animal Culture Exhibit

“Reason, science, and culture supposedly elevate humans above nature, yet many of our species’ greatest achievements would not have been possible without animals. They have nourished our bodies, carried our belongings, and become our closest companions, helping humans to create society, culture, and the arts as we know them. But too often we take animals for granted. Now, as we confront climate change, humankind is forced to re-examine how we affect animals and the natural world. While we turn to science for solutions to address this crisis, we can look to art to understand our past, present, and future relationships with our fellow creatures.”

The Nutcracker at McCaw Hall

Are you ready to celebrate the holidays with renewed gusto? With its classic score, thrilling dance, resplendent costumes and scenery, and magical story, George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker® is the perfect centerpiece for any celebration. Gather your loved ones to enjoy the beautifully decked McCaw Hall, and let your soul have its fill of holiday cheer (after your lungs get their fill of that Crumpet from Pot of Gold.).

Seahawks Pregame Party at T-Mobile Park

Saturday is for Santa, but Sunday is for the Seahawks! Join other fans in The T-Mobile ‘Pen before every Seahawks home game this season and you’ll find:

  • $1 admission

  • Beer on tap including drafts and microbrews

  • Great food – grass-fed beef burgers, wood-fired pizza, Caribbean sandwiches and wings (just to name a few)

  • Music at all events

  • Multiple TVs to follow all the action around the league

  • Test your skills with speed pitch and tailgate games

  • Cash machines

  • A safe, clean and friendly environment

See you there before the Seattle Seahawks take on the Chicago Bears! GO HAWKS!



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