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Nug of the Week: Hawaiian Rain

While Toto was blessing the rains down in Africa, he should have been blessing the rain in Hawaii, because this strain is *deep nostril inhale* one of my favorite strains from Cookies that I've smoked to date. The lineage is London Pound Mintz crossed with Jealousy, and the cross is reflected in both the flavor AND the high. Cracking open the bag gave me hints of lavender, petrol, with a sweet cake flavor on the back end, and the flavor was only amplified after grinding it up. There was definitely a heavy body high associated with the nug, but there was also a pretty floaty, euphoric head high as well, so I didn't find this strain to be too couch lock-y, making it the perfect strain to pair with these events going on around Washington. Make sure you stop by our Capitol Hill or Georgetown locations (Bremerton coming soon, but you can still pick up London Pound Minntz or Jealousy in the meantime) and pick up an 8th of Hawaiian Rain. Just don't forget to bless the rains first.

A Glimpse of China - May 21 (Virtual)

A Glimpse of China - Seattle Chinese Culture & Arts Festival is part of the Seattle Center Festál series and produced in partnership with Washington Chinese Arts & Culture Committee (WCACC). In 2022, Seattle Center Festál is celebrating 25 years of stories and traditions. The theme, "Where the World Gathers" links together the series of 24 free festivals presented throughout the year, each with a unique cultural focus, identity, and range of engaging activities.

The festival will take place virtually on Saturday, May 21st at 12pm PST and available to watch on WCACC Facebook, Seattle Center Facebook, and Seattle Center YouTube. Stay inside, get high, and celebrate Chinese culture!

Taco Libre Truck Showdown & Luchadores

The eighth edition of Seattle’s premiere mobile food rodeo ropes you in with 25 food trucks, each serving a taco-themed dish for under $5, and then really gets things going with Lucha Libre Volcanica, an action-packed, all-out wrestling showdown of epic proportions. That’s in addition to beer and margarita tastings, live music and a bustling night market. Experience it all on the lawn at the beautiful, historic South Lake Union Discovery Center. Get your tickets here.

Viking Fest - Paulsbo, WA

Head to Paulsbo, WA this weekend to enjoy the 50th annual Viking Fest! Viking Fest takes place the 3rd weekend of May, coinciding with the Norwegian Independance Celebration “Syttende Mai." Show up in your best Viking gear, and enjoy the parade as well as the street carnival! If you're interested in the parade, it's set to start at 2:00pm on the Saturday of Viking Fest weekend. The Parade begins on 6th & Fjord and ends at Martha & Mary. Best viewing is along Fjord Drive and Front Street. The carnival and street fair run all weekend.

Bremerton Raceway Series 6 & 7 - Bremerton, WA

Grab your edibles and head out to the raceway in Bremerton this weekend for the Series 6 and 7 bracket series races! Enjoy the Junior Dragster and Junior Street series all weekend. Get high and watch the the racers speed by!

West Seattle Wine Walk - May 20

The West Seattle Wine Walk celebrates wine with this vibrant and fun event. Located in the heart of West Seattle, the Wine Walk provides you with the opportunity to meet PNW boutique wineries. Housed in some of West Seattle's favorite merchants, you'll enjoy tastings from 15 different wineries, each showcasing a unique variety of wines. Bottles of wine and additional individual wine tasting tickets will available to ticket holders. The night of the event, please go to our check-in host at Windermere located at 4526 California Ave SW in the heart of the Junction at 5pm. Get checked in, get your glass, tickets, tote bag and map of locations and off you go. Get your tickets here.

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Adam Stephens
Adam Stephens
05 nov. 2023

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