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Nug of the Week: Margarita Bar

Maragarita Bar's genetics are currently a mystery to us (even after extensive research) but that doesn't stop us from labeling this strain a certified slapper. I think the one thing you can count on from Cookies (besides those hype mylar bags) is that their strain names usually pretty accurately describe the flavor profile of what's in those bags. Margarita bar is no different - the first flavor we picked up was something sour, almost like a key lime. But then it's very quickly overtaken by a sweeter, wedding cake sort of flavor. The high itself is considered to be an indica-hybrid, but I didn't find the strain to be very couch lock-ey, although I did get a little stupid in the brain. We definitely recommend heading to Georgetown (maybe in the morning when everything is 25% off) and grabbing an 8th of Margarita Bar, then checking out some of these 4th of July Events happening during the long weekend! Side note: I did get the munchies pretty heavy, so maybe make sure there's a BBQ on your agenda for the day (don't worry, we included a couple below!)

Seafair Summer Fourth - Lake Union Park, Gasworks Park

Amazon's Seafair Summer Fourth is the best way to experience the 4th of July in the Pacific Northwest. Voted one of the nation’s best fireworks shows by USA TODAY and Business Insider, Summer Fourth takes place in one of the best natural amphitheaters to experience the power and artistry of fireworks. Summer Fourth features a fully choreographed fireworks presentation accompanied by a musical score and a host of pre-show activities during the day. Summer Fourth offers several free and reserved seating options and multiple vantage points to enjoy the show, Lake Union for an overhead view, Gas Works Park for a hilltop view, and Lake Union Park for a darker sky view. Each location offers its own unique experience.

2022 Bothell Fourth of July Parade and Pancake Breakfast

Don’t miss Bothell’s biggest annual event! This Hometown Celebration starts with a free pancake breakfast at Park at Bothell Landing, followed by the Children’s Parade and their 100+ year old Grand Parade. The 2022 Parade will once again be heading down Main Street. View the map for a printable copy of the route and for locations of other festivities taking place.

Auburn's 4th of July Car Show

The Car Show is held in conjunction with Auburn's 4th of July Festival. The event features live entertainment on two stages, children's activities (inflatable rides, train rides, rock wall and more!), food vendors, a variety of craft vendors, bocce, mini golf and much more. $10 in advance or $20 on event day (if space permits). Advance registration by June 30.

4th Of July Weekend Block Party - Art Marble 21

Head over to Art Marble 21 any day from Friday to Monday (see full schedule below) and enjoy the weekend long Block Party! There will be a different dj spinning every day, as well as a beer garden, food, and games. The best part? Admission is free - you just have to be 21 to get in. Check out the full schedule below.



(VJ Eric Nelson 10PM-1AM)



(DJ Justin Hartinger 10PM-1AM)



(DJ Indica Jones 7PM-10PM)



Monkey Loft 4th of July Rooftop BBQ

Down in the dark industrial bowels of SoDo, the Monkey Loft is gonna be featuring at least 10 DJs, headlined by DJ Mark Farina, and two rooms of music, plus a rooftop barbecue. That counts as outdoorsy, right? Chef Chris Eiman from Saru Sushi and Sando, Monkey Loft’s building-mate, will be manning the sky grill. He’s like the headliner of the barbecue. Or maybe DJ Mark Farina is the chef of the DJ sets. At least one of those things is definitely true. Tickets are $30 and you can snag them here.

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1 Comment

Michelle Catapang
Michelle Catapang
Jul 14, 2022

Sounds interesting!, thanks for this.

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