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Nug of the Week: Sudz by Fire Bros

Let me start this by saying I LITERALLY just smoked this strain before sitting down to write this article, so this is probably going to be one of the most accurate reviews I've ever written.

Okay, pause - immediately after writing that last sentence, I got sidetracked and cooked a whole meal. Sheesh this is some good weed.

Anyway, our strain of the week this week is Sudz by Fire Bros. This hybrid cross between Seed Junky's The Soap and the sweet strain that tastes like candy, Runtz, both tastes and hits exactly like you would expect. On first jar crack, you get a pungent, bitter, but sweet scent that's very reminiscent of The Soap. When you grind it up, the terpenes really open up and the sweetness is amplified to be on par with the other flavors. The smoke was super smooth - I'm on bowl number three and I haven't coughed once yet. That means a lot coming from an asthmatic who just refuses to quit smoking cannabis. The high is a very stoney hybrid - I immediately felt it in the front of my forehead, but it's definitely washing down the rest of my body as I'm typing this. I find it to be very alert though, and it seems to lend itself to being a good daytime strain if you're bopping around having fun. I wouldn't necessarily call it productive though, as I'm having the hardest time even finishing this article. While you may not want to smoke this particular strain if you have work to do, I did put together a list of things going on around Washington that you may want to grab some Sudz to smoke before checking out!

Free Summer Festival in West Seattle - West Seattle Junction

Summer Fest in West Seattle offers fun activities for the whole family, including shopping, live music, dining, beer gardens, and a kids play area. Don’t miss out on one of Seattle’s best things to do this summer. In a city known for its vibrant music scene, West Seattle Summer Fest brings together some of the best local bands for two day of FREE, LIVE, OUTDOOR MUSIC. It's not just music either! Nothing beats summer and shopping in Seattle! West Seattle Summer Fest is one of the best summer festivals in Seattle to shop 'til you drop! Shopping opportunities can be found in multiple locations around the festival. There's an amazing variety of goods and services available for you to explore!

Seafood Fest 2022 - The Sunset Tavern, Ballard, WA

Ballard SeafoodFest brings together the best of Ballard, Seattle, and beyond with live music, family fun, local restaurants and vendors, and the best craft beer showcase of any Seattle street fest. Don’t leave without savoring a famous Trident Seafoods sponsored Alder-Smoked Salmon Barbecue plate! All proceeds from the Salmon Barbecue support the Ballard Alliance, Seafood Fest's non profit!

Bollywood Splash Boat Pool Swim Party - Seattle, WA

You've never partied like this before! We're going to set sail on a Ferry boat turned into party cruiser with a swimming pool on its deck – AND we're going to take you into Puget Sound where you can jump into the water and swim! All of this happening while DJ Gabbar is rocking the Bollywood beats making you move your feet! Get your tickets here.

Fircrest Pet Parade

Just when you thought Fircrest FUN DAYS couldn’t get any better, now there's the 2022 ‘FUR’crest PET PARADE on Saturday, July 16, 2022 at 10:30 am. Join the furry friends of Fircrest in a parade of your pets around beautiful Fircrest Park. All pets are welcome: dogs, cats, bunnies, lizards, etc. Costumes are encouraged, so get creative! Walk your pet on a leash or create a float for them to ride (wagon, bike trailer, kid car, etc.) There are also prizes to be won so get creative! There's no cost to enter, but registration is required. Pet food donations (unopened) will be accepted at check-in.

Bremerton Seagull Calling Festival - Bremerton, WA

Whether you decide you want to partake in this next event or you just want to watch the people who are competing, I promise that you're going to want to smoke before hand. This weekend, stop by the docks in Bremerton to check out the Seagull Calling conversation, where hopefully the only thing louder than the contestants will be the Sudz. Each year the South Kitsap Chamber of Commerce hosts the “World Famous” Seagull Calling Contest. Contestants off all ages compete to see how many Seagulls they can “call” to the shore. The contest is not always fair, in that bribing the Seagulls and Judges is all legal! Stop by and test your Seagull Calling skills and check out all the action.

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Lamb Herman
Lamb Herman
Jun 05

While you may not want to smoke this particular strain if you have work to do, I did put together a list of things going on around Washington that you may want to grab some Sudz to smoke before checking out! geometry dash subzero

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