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Nug of the Week: White Truffle

Our featured strain this week is White Truffle, a highly sought after (no pun intended) hybrid that crosses the euphoric GG4 with the stony Peanut Butter Breath. Flavor-wise, White Truffle carries an earthy scent on the front end with some sweet, almost creamy notes on the back end. As always, the type of high you're going to get from the strain may vary depending on your personal physiology, but generally pot smokers tend to associate White Truffle with a heavy stony presence in the forehead, followed by a body high that I would describe as a warm hug. I also tend to get giggly and munchy, so plan accordingly with snacks and entertainment. The snacks are going to be on you, but here's our list of fun activities to enjoy while smoking your White Truffle.

1. Mean Girls The Musical - Paramount Theater, Seattle, WA

If you're a millennial like I am, you grew up quoting the classic Lindsay Lohan coming of age movie, Mean Girls ("She doesn't even go here!") Well now, you can relive the nostalgia as an adult and go see Mean Girls The Musical at the Paramount Theater! Mean Girls will be playing at The Paramount until November 21, and you can get your tickets here.

2. Comedy On Broadway Showcase - Jai Thai, Capitol Hill Seattle

These days, who doesn't need more reasons to laugh? If you're in the mood for good jokes and good food, hop on over to Jai Thai on November 20 at 8:30pm for the Comedy on Broadway Showcase! Capitol Hill's hottest stand up club brings out local comedians from around the city to perform at the twice monthly stand up showcase! Enjoy a tight hour of stand up comedy, with tables for groups and delicious Thai food.

3. Holiday Gift and Food Fair - Kitsap County Fairgrounds, Bremerton, WA

If you're looking to get a good jump on your holiday shopping, make sure to check out Olympic Peninsula's 34th Annual "Holiday Gift and Food Fair" the weekend before Thanksgiving. Being open on Friday will give shoppers a day to come to the show without having to use their weekend. This is the largest and most spectacular show of this type under one roof on the entire Olympic Peninsula, so make sure you don't miss out on some awesome deals.

4. Paulsbo Farmer's Market - Paulsbo, WA

Smoke some White Truffle and then get yourself down to the Paulsbo Farmer's Market for some fresh produce and homemade goods! You might even find something to satiate those munchies I warned you about earlier, and you'll really come to appreciate the warm hug of the White Truffle high. Curious about what vendors are going to be there this weekend? Check out their website!

5. Tamale Cooking Class -Silver Cloud Inn, Tacoma Waterfront

If you're like me, then you associate the change in weather with tamale season! Warm your soul and your belly as we dive into the art of making fresh, handmade tamales. You will learn how to make all of the important components and leave with the knowledge and wisdom to create your own at home. This intimate (yet Covid-conscious) class will be perfect for date night, BFF time, or time with your darn self! Just remember to come hungry and ready to go home with a dozen tamales. All of the supplies you need are included. Learn more about the Tamale Class here.



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