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Family-owned and organic is the easiest way to sum up this month's featured farm – Cascade Gnome.

Farm Features:

• Full Spectrum, Complex, Flavorful

• Pesticide and Chemical Free

This central Washington farm is Clean Green Certified, an independent certification with the same criteria as USDA Organic: i.e., no synthetic inputs. There are many differences between organic gardening and industry-standard hydroponics. Perhaps the most telling is that Cascade Gnome NEVER flushes their plants because they are never overburdened with nutrients.

Further, the plants “live” in ways hydro plants do not, and have much more effective, natural pest control systems. Cascade Gnome's primary source of pest control is their free-range chickens and ducks. They have created a bit of an oasis of green in the high desert and a healthy ecosystem creates a closed loop.

To find out more of what they are about, put some Gnome in your Dome!

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