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Pioneer Squares: Award-Winning Artisan Fruit Noms

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Craft Elixirs' Pioneer Squares are an award-winning artisan fruit edible with big flavor and potency. Craft is known for its high-quality lines of edible products—and Pioneer Squares is no different. They offer an artisanal lineup of fruit flavor combinations that are unlike other edibles on the market. These tasty and potent “Fruit Noms” are Kosher, Vegan, and Gluten-Free. Our customers love the particularly chewy consistency of these gummies.

Each 100mg pack comes with pectin-based candy goodness and real fruit. Pioneer Squares from Craft Elixirs are the uniquely different fruit edible you’ve been missing. You can find them in 1:1 THC and CBD infusions or traditional 100mg packs. They’re discreet, delicious, and on our menus right now. The Reef has three unique locations to bring you the best cannabis products in Washington at the best price. Learn more about the award-winning edibles from Pioneer Squares below before you shop online for pick-up.

Black & Blueberry

Black & Blueberry Fruit Noms are a delicious concoction from Pioneer Squares. These are the perfect balance of tart, fresh blackberries, and crisp blueberries for a delicious dose of flavor. Black & Blueberry won the Dope Cup in 2019 for Best THC edible. Each Black & Blueberry pack is 100mg of THC and 10mg per individual piece.

Sour Cherry 1:1

Pioneer Squares don’t do only THC products. You can also find their fruit Noms in tasty 1:1 options. The THC to CBD ratio in Sour Cherry 1:1 might be ideal for bringing on intense relaxation. The CBD might help aid in physical relief and may help alleviate insomnia and appetite loss. Sour Cherry is just like the name suggests, with candied cherries in a Cherry chew for spine-tingling sourness. These might pack a punch at 100mg CBD to 100mg THC.

Lemon Mandarin

Lemon Mandarin is another in Pioneer Square's unique line of fruit nom flavors. Lemon Mandarin struck the balance between sweet and tart. It has juicy, candied mandarins in a lip-smacking lemon candy. Pioneer Squares has a real fruit flavor because they use real fruit. These candied mandarins give this edible the edge over the competition.

Watermelon Kiwi

Another award winner from Pioneer Squares is the Watermelon Kiwi nom. This 100mg pack is packed with juicy flavor. Watermelon and Kiwi work in harmony for a bright, sweet fruit flavor. Candied Kiwi and a watermelon chew come together to give you a potentially well-balanced high and flavor. Kiwi and Watermelon aren’t usually found together in edibles, but Pioneer Squares is always pushing the envelope to develop delicious flavors.

Ruby Grapefruit

Ruby Grapefruit is the chew for those who want their edible to pack a flavorful punch. This tart candied grapefruit is a one-of-a-kind edible. Lush grapefruit flavor bursts in every bite. Each 10mg chew has full fruit flavor and potency. Ruby Grapefruit Pioneer Squares have been meticulously developed into a sweet and sour candy concoction.

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