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Freddy's Fuego continues to capture our attention and represent some of the premier practices and products in the industry. They have the ability to consistently invigorate our pot passion, and their Cactus Fruit strain is truly in a class of its own.

Cactus Fruit by Freddy's Fuego

There is a reason that Cactus Fruit is currently only available as part of the Freddy’s Fuego line. This strain clearly involved a lot of manipulation and curation to become what it is today. The “Cactus” in Cactus Fruit originates from Cactus Breath (Cactus crossed with Mendo Breath) while the “Fruit” comes from L.L.O.A (Lemon Lime crossed with Orange Apricot). It requires tracing almost all of these genetic heritage strains even further back before we start recognizing Cactus Fruit’s nonhybridized origins. While hybridization is a crutch for a number of breeders as they try to correct and supplement the flaws of their previous crops, Freddy’s Fuego exemplifies the art of the hybrid, bringing out new features and effects that further push the quality of their bud.

Cactus Fruit almost assuredly gets its name for the aroma that hits you when breaking this flower down. Citrus rind scents waft from the dense crystalline nugs, reminding the consumer of grapefruit and Bosc pear. When inhaled, the smoke, though still tropical adjacent, is mildly muskier and thick. It is almost creamy with a mouthfeel somewhat equivalent to gulping down a blended beach cocktail laden with coconut creme. Everything sensory about this particular flower is polished and civilized as there is very little harshness to induce any coughing fits or gassy tongue-numbing.

Presumably, even the effect of this strain necessitated a bit of selective culling. Based on its lineage, Cactus Fruit should lean more indica. But they must have fastidiously hunted down this more sativa dominant phenotype because this strain is fun in the sun. Although there is a relaxing body element, Cactus Fruit is emotionally invigorating and mentally inspiring. A euphoric pleasantness washes over the smoker so their mind can be left to consider creative pursuits or giggly procrastination.

Cactus Fruit would be an excellent partner for calmer sports like golf or curling, or watching stand-up comedy on Netflix. Cannabis of this quality deserves to be appreciated and reflected upon. But that could be said about almost everything from Freddy’s Fuego. Definitely considering checking out Cactus Fruit and all of their other products next time you are at The Reef.



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