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Washington may not seem like the best geography for growing cannabis outdoors. Heading to the east side of the Cascades, one can definitely find some quality sun-grown cannabis, but not nearly at the same percentage that you find outdoor farms in California or in the tropical regions of the globe. This is what makes Canna Organix so unique as a pot producer. Their facility is a greenhouse operation located in the incredibly small desert in the northwest corner of the state created by the Olympic Rain Shadow. While most western Washington weed would risk mold and premature ruin in the wet weather, cannabis grown in this minuscule microclimate gets a third of the usual rainfall and substantially more sunny days. As a consequence, Canna Organix stands alone as the most awarded sun-grown cannabis west of the Cascades.

Forbidden Fruit has quickly become a staff favorite since Canna Organix landed at The Reef. One of the distinguishing features of quality Forbidden Fruit is its naturally presenting purple color and this flower is no different. As a cross between the strains Cherry Pie and Tangie, it’s no wonder that this cannabis is one of the most consistently fruity strains on the market (as if the name wasn’t a pretty clear hint). Grapefruit-heavy is an understatement when it comes to Forbidden Fruit and this example from Canna Organix is a textbook representation of that. That is one of the primary benefits of sun-grown cannabis; terpene and cannabinoid profiles are generally much more complex. Florida citrus grove scents and Greyhound cocktail tastes create an incredibly well rounded sensory experience that is almost describable as quenching.

The high from Forbidden Fruit is substantial, to say the least. Forbidden Fruit is a very fitting name for this strain as the cerebral high is practically eye-opening. This one of those strains that might be conventionally considered “loud”. Although that word has a different definition for many users, in this context we mean it as a strain that affects how you perceive the world; the sort of strain that forces you to close the window, blocking out that jet-engine loud leaf rustling of the trees or that unnecessarily distracting car alarm four blocks away. With that amount of headiness, one might expect that Forbidden Fruit would be classified as a sativa. But generally, this strain gets classified as an indica dominant hybrid due to the relaxed euphoric body high. All together this high will leave you entertained and happy while locking you to the couch for an enjoyable evening in.

Forbidden Fruit is a spectacular sidekick to getting overly invested in a live stream social media event. One might also consider enjoying this strain while binging true crime or getting sucked down a youtube rabbit hole. Smoken unaccompanied, Forbidden Fruit has the ability to be an experience in and of itself. Even those who consider their tolerance too high will find enjoyment in this strain. If you haven’t experienced Forbidden Fruit before, this sun-grown example is a perfect prototype of this essential strain. And ultimately, Forbidden Fruit, along with the other top-notch outdoor options from Canna Organix, are primed to become staples for any discerning cannasuer.



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