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One of the original concentrate companies in Washington, X-tracted Labs, generally referred to by their popular brand name of Refine, has been making quality concentrates for almost a decade. Unlike some companies that grow in-house weed to extract themselves, X-tracted Labs sources their flower from a number of high-quality cannabis producers around the state. It’s this collaboration between top producers and a top processor that has allowed them to create countless excellent dabs and win plenty of awards in the process. One such example of their concentrate prowess is GG4 grown by Aurum Farms. As flower, this GG4 wows and such stellar base material makes for a great dab.

Like most of Refine’s products, the texture of this concentrate is smooth and simple, with no rocks or variations in consistency. It's like butter that has been sitting at room temperature (assuming that room was about 90 degrees or outdoors in the middle of summer). The wax has an almost light peanut butter color and has no issues with workability at room temperature. Although being malleable, it is not so soft that you will find it running off your dab tool like a Salvador Dali painting, so portioning out your ideal serving is no hassle at all.

As for taste, this GG4 smokes quite well. There are a lot of sweet and sour citrus notes comparable to meyer lemon or valencia oranges. Those limonene flavors team up with a bit of spicy diesel to provide an excellent rendition of the usual profile expected from GG4. Smaller dabs go down smoothly but tread lightly as larger dabs very quickly become cough-inducing. Don’t let that deter you though, let it rip and cough it out. It’s worth it.

Aurum Farm classifies their iteration of GG4 as an indica which is a little uncommon. Although known for exemplifying the couch-locked feeling associated with some weed, GG4 is often classified as a hybrid and even occasionally a sativa-dominant because of its giggly and cerebral elements. With that said, this GG4 does have a heavier body experience than the average Glue. That’s not to say that the heady aspects of this strain are gone. There is still a bit of a distracting and fun head-high, it just isn’t as pronounced as some other versions of GG4. The high tapers off well though so you can still get up off the couch and cook dinner after a few hours. If you haven’t tried Refine before, this is the one to test them out on. You won’t be disappointed, especially if you are already a fan of GG4. And for those who haven’t had anything from X-tracted in a minute, it may just be time for a bit of a homecoming.



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