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You’d be forgiven for confusing the average dispensary menu with that of your local bakery. These days, there are more “cookies”, “cakes”, and “pies” than a pastry shop sitting on our shelves. So when a brand produces a strain that sounds like its more fitting for a deli than a sweet shop, it’s hard not to notice. But that is exactly the case with Head Cheese from Freya (and yes, head cheese is a real food; but we implore you, please don't look it up, just take our word for it). From the moment we saw the Bob Dob art of a lethargic and bleak cheese-headed man on the label, it was obvious that this wasn’t your usual tourist enticing bag of bud.

Thankfully, Head Cheese is just a portmanteau and not an indication of any meaty flavors. The “Head” comes from Headband and the “Cheese” comes from UK Cheese. These are both renowned and traditional strains that, though not as common today, make for the basis of plenty of great hybrids. Headband is associated with energetic, cerebral highs and UK Cheese is more euphoric and reclined, while still having a surefire spacy element. In conjunction with each other, Head Cheese becomes a 75%/25% sativa-dominant hybrid. It is emotionally motivating, convincing you to stay productive while not stressing out too much about the end result. Whereas a strain like Headband might complement working in an office environment, to seem chipper and non-confrontational, Head Cheese is better suited to working from home. Your tasks just melt by, somehow without nearly as much idle web browsing as you normally get away with (though with maybe a bit more staring out of the window, but that’s easier to just consider “brainstorming”). You’ll want to make sure that you have a steady stock of this flower though as the comedown can be a bit heavy for some and you might end up taking an afternoon nap. Just smoke some more and you’ll be lifted right back up.

As for the sensory experience of Head Cheese, you start to see where Cheese got its name when you rip open the jar. There is a definite musty aroma. But the bud is awesomely conical, reminiscent of a cartoonishly triangular slice of cheese and absolutely covered in trichomes. When the sultry and clinging flower is finally tempered into your bowl, the tastes swing back to the other parent, Headband, with notes of sandalwood and valencia oranges breaking through the still present dank dairy deliciousness.

As mentioned, this is a great strain to keep around the house to assist in indoor endeavors. In addition to helping those working from home, this cannabis would be an excellent partner to starting an herb garden on your balcony, getting back into an old artistic outlet, or finding your rhythm playing your favorite online video game. So take a step out of your comfort zone of dessert-inspired weeds and have Head Cheese help you through your boredom and cabin fever. Because now is a time to try new things, especially new types of weed.

– Words: TJ Gagnier



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