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Since long before dispensary menus started looking like a list of options from a trendy dessert bar, cannabis names have had a tradition of describing something about the weed that the consumer could anticipate. This was a byproduct of the dynamics of the black market. Growers and suppliers needed to be able to sell the highs and experiences on name alone.

Gorilla Glue leaves you glued to the couch. Blueberry, when grown with proper consideration, can actually taste like sweet, fresh blueberries. Cat Piss… well, you get the point. Foreshadowing the high is a trait that is appreciated from growers. It's a lot easier to expect what you’re going to experience out of something named Green Crack rather than Lava Cake. With that recognition, we would like to present perhaps the most aptly named new strain in recent memory, Le Mans by Freddy’s Fuego. Apologies in advance for an overabundance of car comparisons, it sort of comes with the name.

For those unfamiliar with some of the more intricate aspects of motorsport, Le Mans is a twenty-four-hour endurance race. In fact, it is the oldest active sports car race in the world and one of the most prestigious. Even if it was somehow unintentional, this strain name fits that comparison just about perfectly. To begin with, the genetic lineage of Le Mans as listed by Freddy’s Fuego is Lemon Tree and T.K. x T.K. x M10. If that second strain doesn’t sound like some expensive form of fuel, we’re not sure what does. Plus, Lemon Tree is a cross of Lemon Skunk and Sour Diesel, further cementing the petrol background. All these strains combine to create a flavor that is citrus-forward and (you guessed it) very gassy. Careful though; the thick, leaden trichomes cause this weed to be super sticky and harder to get off your hands than engine grease. And if you thought that the obnoxious racing metaphors stopped at the taste and genetics, you’d be mistaken. The high from Le Mans is first and foremost like putting on a race helmet. Think that classic headband high with a bit more tunnel vision. After settling into the cockpit, this sativa is ready for an endurance run. It is exciting but not anxious. And it is encompassing, its substantial effectiveness effortlessly holding your attention. You’re in it for the long haul. Don’t worry though, there’s no risk of running off or crashing into a wall (Ok… that’s the last of the grand prix comparisons. Promise). Le Mans would be a good smoke for getting a load of work done or completing that project that has been sitting in the corner taunting you. And, as if it weren’t obvious at this point, this weed is great for watching racing (whenever sports finally start back up of course). Alright, we’ll concede, it's possible that the name was chosen strictly because it sounds like a fancy way to say lemons. But if that’s the case, it's the most fortuitous coincidence in cannabis history. Make sure to make a well-timed pitstop (sorry... we know we promised) into The Reef to get Le Mans from our monthly featured farm Freddy’s Fuego.

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1 Comment

Nov 30, 2020

Whoever took the effing time to write such a captivating review, on a product that touches the brink of being too intricate to describe or put into words (words other than ‘so high, hella tired, body buzz, spacey’), KUDDOS to you. You’re brilliant and thank you for your existence 🌜🌝🌛

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