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In the era of ever-expanding and commercializing cannabis operations, it can be hard for small, independent farms to make a name for themselves. It can be even harder for those small farms to maintain a consistent, quality product and then still produce new and exciting strains that keep us coming back for more. Information Retrieval, however, does not struggle in these realms. They are one of the most interesting Tier 1 grows we’ve come across, using classic methods out on the peninsula. They’ve been a standout producer for us since the beginning. Time over time, their new strains impress, each one getting us hyped for what could come next. And their new Sativa Hybrid, Limoncello Haze, is really something exceptional.

The first thing one notices is the obvious care that has been taken with these buds. There's no corner-cutting or machine trimming here. Each nug is expertly hand-manicured and they are almost unusually consistent in size. A nice, healthy dusting of large trichomes covers the deep green flower. Persimmon orange pistils protrude homogeneously from this herb, further indicating care and proper cultivation of this Limoncello Haze. Bright, herbaceous scents emanate from the flower as soon as the lid is opened, pleasantly foreshadowing the light tastes to come. Breaking up the bud, the consumer will find it sticky and moist. The smoke of Limoncello Haze is smooth, citrusy and robust. Additionally, it had a bit of a cough inducing, chest-swelling quality. Humulene, myrcene, and limonene work collaboratively to make this strain taste exactly like its namesake Limoncello; and it's this more complex lemon note that sets this strain apart from other sour strains.

Limoncello Haze is a cross of Lemon Ice (Lemon Haze x Afghani) and Super Silver Haze. As such, the high is cerebral and uplifting. Positive euphoria envelope over you, quickly raising your spirits. Mentally, Limoncello Haze is distracting, with the consumer potentially setting down the pipe or joint between hits to do focus on other activities around them. Smokers of this strain might enjoy it with some cocktails after fishing for salmon on the sound, while eating the new Lemon-Ups this season from the Girl Scouts, or just lounging around on a sunny afternoon. Definitely consider Limoncello Haze, or any of the incredible choices from Information Retrieval, next time you’re looking for a high-quality, well-priced option from The Reef.

Words: TJ Gagnier

Photos: Jesse Codling



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