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There are plenty of companies out there just looking to produce popular strains with a mass production mindset. So it's refreshing when a company comes around that is willing to take a step back from the norm and try to approach their process more consciously. Soulshine Cannabis, out of Renton, is one such cannabis producer. They not only use environmentally thoughtful packaging (vegetable-based inks, recyclable paperboard, and biodegradable window film) but also donate a portion of their sales to Emerald City Pet Rescue. Needless to say, with a company ethos like that, it was worth giving Soulshine’s flower a try. And their Lodi Dodi did not disappoint.

Although it can attribute its name to lyrics from hip hop greats Doug E. Fresh, Slick Rick, and of course Mount Kushmore shoo-in Snoop Dogg, Lodi Dodi is essentially a Washington exclusive (though in the age of global cannabis, we’re sure you can find it in other geographies). The aroma is pungent, though fresh and somewhat fruity. It’s a smell most describable as “clean”, though not chemically like cleaning supplies. (And we should hope not, as Soulshine only uses natural “pesticides” like rosemary, thyme, garlic, peppermint and citrus oils). Lodi Dodi’s buds are hand-trimmed and deeply resinous with a smattering of pale orange pistils. The smoke is effortless and mild with a flavor that is both floral and vaguely tropical.

Lodi Dodi is a cross of Trainwreck with Haze, both strains which originate almost directly from landrace strains and not through years of genetic recreational engineering. As you may have been able to guess from its superstar lineage, Lodi Dodi is an incredibly cerebral sativa. It is legitimately difficult to get through a bowl without setting it down and getting distracted. This is the sort of weed you wouldn’t mind passing around at a party because you’ll be too busy joking with your companions to realize you’re not not actively getting more stoned. It’s hard not to think of this weed as satisfying when after only a few tokes, you’re off and on to something else. But a word of caution for those prone to pot paranoia. Although this strain isn’t overly energetic or physically stimulating, Trainwreck and Haze can both be anxiety causing culprits. As a consequence, Lodi Dodi might be best avoided if you’re a cannabis consumer prone to these sativa stresses.

There’s a reason that the lyric goes “Lodi dodi, we like to party.” This weed is straight up a good time. Lodi Dodi would go great with drinking straight out of champagne bottles in a marina, dancing the night away at a roof-top black-tie soiree or just in a blunt with your buds on the corner. If you are looking to break through a creative block, this strain might also be of assistance. Through and through, this is your quintessential sativa cannabis and absolutely worth giving a toke (in either pre-roll or full bud form) next time you are at The Reef.

– Words: TJ Gagnier



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