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House of Cultivar just dropped a line of new CO2 tanker options on our shelves and although they are all excellent, the Super Glue really stands above the rest. For those unaware of these styles of products and still beholden to the intoxicating edible candy lifestyle, activated CO2 (and RSO) are both cannabis concentrates that are generally eaten rather than smoked.

Whereas conventional edibles are standardized in relatively low dosages, activated CO2 is much more potent. The result is that a rice size glob of these concentrates is usually equivalent to taking 2 or 3 edibles at a time. While it may not be as “fun” as snacking on confections, consuming this oil is plenty enjoyable from a recreational standpoint. While most users consume it straight or adorned atop a cracker or peanut butter, activated CO2 is versatile enough to infuse into more ornate treats (provided the recipe is relatively low temperature), making it a great tool for those looking to make their own high strength home batch.

While some concentrates do require stifling the heavy cannabis taste, that is not the case with the tankers from House of Cultivar. The Super Glue CO2 is surprisingly palatable in contrast to the RSOs of yesteryear. Upfront, Super Glue tastes like a well crafted pale ale, hoppy and mouth coating. As it sits on your tongue, that complex astringency makes way for more island-esque notes of passion, orange, and guava. While we don’t recommend dabbing it, there isn’t a horrible taste when Super Glue CO2 is consumed in that fashion. It still has the brighter fruity notes but there is a not-that-offensive rubbery taste to it, like being in the mask section of a costume shop around Halloween.

As for the effect, this Super Glue lives up to its name. By crossing Gelato with GG4, House of Cultivar has brought a more complex euphoria and giggliness to the usual glue feelings. Super Glue as flower is a wholly remarkable GG4 variant already and processing it into a concentrate only makes it that much better. After an hour or so, your partner or roommates will need to come to you if they need something because you aren’t getting up (if you can help it). Although it does have that couch-lock that you would expect from a glue, it is not overly sedating thanks to the subtle warming pick-me-up from the Gelato. If there is anything negative about this activated CO2, it is the consistency. It is relatively difficult to get out of the container, but then again, that can happen with conventional super glue so maybe we shouldn’t be surprised.

Super Glue CO2 is essential for the high tolerance user looking to unwind after a hectic day. This concentrate would also be great for marathon gaming sessions and long artistic projects like jigsaw puzzles or latch hooking. If you have enjoyed GG4 in the past, this is definitely a product for you. And after you’ve finally finished off the whole tanker, you may just find yourself coming back for more and even incorporating it into your daily routine (if you’re looking for a second more sativa suggestion, try the Afghan Peach). It may be intimidating eating cannabis concentrate straight but believe us when we say that this Super Glue (and activated CO2 in general) is definitely worth pushing through the cautious feelings upfront. We can’t remember the last time we were this high.

– Words: TJ Gagnier

– Photos: Jesse Codling



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