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The Best Rosin Carts On The Market

The toppest shelves of the dab world have long been stocked with a golden buttery option known as rosin. Unlike the standard process of using chemical solvents to break down cannabis buds into a dabbable substance, rosin only needs heat and pressure to exist, resulting in a clean broad-spectrum buzz that is to this day unrivaled in the hearts of all who celebrate 710.

Up until recently, this premium experience has only been available to those willing to use a blowtorch with a dab rig– or those who could afford a premium e-nail like a Puffco Peak. Today, we’re happy to say that the game has changed but the players are the same.

Where Do I Get Rosin Carts?

The Reef now carries a number of rosin options that our guests can enjoy in cartridge form, produced and processed by some of the biggest names in Washington cannabis (including Mt. Baker Gardens, Solr Bear, Constellation, and Pacific NW Rootz). With these cartridges now available, the euphoric chill and premium high of rosin is now possible wherever you go. Read on to hear more about the dedicated “squishers” we’ve partnered with to make this possible.

Mt. Baker Gardens has recently enlisted the help of veterans in the rosin world to pump out solventless hitters at a price that won’t hold your wallet hostage. With rosin dabs starting at $45 and full gram carts at $55 – It’ll actually be difficult to NOT dip your toes into the rosin game if you haven’t already.

Solr Bear is the new kid on the block and they got a big THCA chip on their shoulder, which is why their solventless offerings in both dab and cartridge form are currently dropping at $50 exactly. Whether it’s an undeniable classic like Purple Punch or a nu-wave blend called Geladough, this is rosin meant to blow your hair back.

Constellation has the flash and precision you’d expect from one of the most recognizable brands in Washington rosin. Their jam is a marvel of solventless consistency; made up of micro THC diamonds pooled together in a gold and auburn terp sauce. And now, you can bottle up that high flying experience into a cartridge that’ll make your next movie theater or Cal Anderson park visit into one you won’t soon forget (depending on how many hits you take).

Pacific NW Rootz has eluded the refrigerator shelves at The Reef for many years now, but finally, the King of the Jungle has accepted our oath of fealty, and in return, we will soon offer you some of the dankest hash ever made in human history. Utilizing strains grown specifically for rosin production, it’s not possible to climb much higher than this, nor is it possible for 710 drops to get much bigger.

Happy OIL Day!



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